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What Does Freedom Mean? How to Be and Feel Free!

I’ve been talking about financial freedom for a while now and the whole point of this website is to help you achieve financial freedom. But what does freedom mean?

Do you know what is freedom in general and how do you know when you’re free? What freedom feels like?

Everyone will have different criteria for freedom, but as long as you know the meaning of freedom and the feeling of being free – you’ll experience the benefits no matter what your current situation is.

I’ll touch more on freedom but also explain different types of freedom and their connection to success and wealth. I’ll even share some tips that will help you achieve your freedom if you don’t feel free yet – so keep on reading!

What is Freedom?


For some people, freedom can be the power or right to speak or act out in a certain way. A long time ago, freedom meant not being imprisoned or enslaved.

However, the modern view of freedom (especially among entrepreneurs) is that freedom is being able to do what you want, whenever you want, however you want.

Many people tie freedom to time – which is something I do as well. There is no better way to feel your freedom than being able to spend more time with your family, spend more time with your time, taking Monday off, not having to wake up early in the morning only to drive to work, or being able to go for a ride and watch the sunrise.

Most of the time, people that are completely free, still feel tied down due to their work, location, or for any other reasons.

But in the modern world with the increase of remote working, many more industries than we’ve ever had before, and the ability to educate yourself in so many different ways – freedom is easily achievable.

So whatever it is that you think is holding you down – there is most likely a way to change it so the best thing about freedom is that you can work on achieving it.

Many believe that money can lead to freedom – which isn’t always true. However, I believe that there’s a bit of truth if you play it right.

So what does freedom mean to you?

Is Financial Freedom a Sign of Success?


If you don’t have to worry about how you spend the money or if you have more money than you can spend in a month – does that make you financially free?

Financial freedom is often measured in the amount of money one has accumulated over time. However, there are clear examples where people who accumulate less money but have more time off work achieve greater freedom.

Of course, financial freedom has different meanings to everyone and lifestyle has a huge role in the determination of financial freedom – so it’s a personal goal everyone can work towards.

But are you truly successful if you’re financially free?

I believe that you are successful if you are financially free – regardless of the money, you have in the bank.

So if you have enough money to support yourself and have enough free time – you are successful. Even better yet, if you own a business that generates passive income or holds a remote job – you’re even more blessed with the actual free time you might have on your hands.

There’s no one scale that can measure success for everybody. It’s a personal measure were goals, future plans, and lifestyle play an important role in the determination of the level of success.

So what does freedom mean to you?

Difference Between Success and Wealth?


Some will say that being successful is holding a good job, having a nice car, having a lot of money saved on the side, but true wealth is having the time without having to worry about the money.

I partly agree.

In my opinion, being wealthy means that you have at least two or more streams of income that possibly generate passive income, where time is unlimited.

However, success is a great stepping stone that can help you achieve wealth if you’re having the proper goals you want to achieve.

In the modern age we live in, it’s easy to fake success and unfortunately – that’s what many people are trying to do. Clothes can be knock-off or bought using a credit line, cars can be leased, houses can be rented – and looking successful but not being actually successful is easy to portray.

However, faking wealth isn’t something many can pull off. You can’t just create an income stream overnight or pretend that you have an income stream that will take care of you.

Therefore, that’s the biggest difference between success and wealth where freedom plays a huge role.

How Do You Know You are Free?


Most people wish if they only owned a bigger house if they only owned a nicer car if they only had more time to do hard things such as working out, getting in shape, or learning another skill.

But in fact, most people are actually free in one way or another. Therefore, I believe that it’s important to consider the level of freedom you currently have and appreciate it before even thinking of creating more freedom or wealth for yourself.

We’ve all heard of first-world problems. It’s easy to find ourselves complaining about things that we find highly important while we know for a fact that there are people out there who wish they were in our shoes.

It’s an endless cycle where you can really lose your mind if you don’t take things slowly at times to appreciate what you have and the freedom you’re currently enjoying.

Oftentimes, this will be more than enough for many people to actually feel the freedom. And if you’re not feeling you have enough freedom on your hands – it’s most likely that there are things you can work on and change.

But if you’re really not feeling like you have any freedom – keep on reading to find my tips on how to achieve more freedom.

What to Do If You’re Not Feeling the Freedom Yet?


If you’re not feeling like you have your own freedom at this point – you should start out by figuring out what is the reason for this.

Is it your work, unhealthy relationships, financial debt, or anything else?

Pinpoint exactly what it is. Some people can have enough time in a day and yet still feel like they’re not free.

From there – start taking action! If it’s your work – find ways to either change your job, get a better role, make more money, or spend less time at the work.

If it’s unhealthy relationships, figure out a way to get yourself out of such a situation. This will help you find yourself in a happier place but also have more free time for self-care.

If it’s financial debt – learn how to create another stream of income that will help you in the long run. Nothing happens overnight, but if you make a plan, take action and stick to it – you’ll make a big difference sooner than you know it.

It’s funny when you look back and nothing has changed since yesterday but much has changed since the last year.

Freedom isn’t always connected with finances – but if you’re feeling that you’re not financially free, browse my website to learn how to create a plan and start working on a new stream of income.


What does freedom mean to you? Is it having more time to do things you like to do but don’t get the chance? Is it having a healthier work-life balance?

Whatever it is – it’s achievable and trust me, you don’t need a lot of money to achieve freedom. You only need enough money to support yourself and yet lead a healthier work-life balance.

Did you ever feel like you’re not free? If you’re feeling free, what is the biggest reason for this?

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