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Millionaire Mind Intensive Review

-I have never heard of Millionaire Mind Intensive online until I saw that they’re hosting an event here in London at the end of last year. As I started learning more about the company and its work, I realized that I will have to write a Millionaire Mind Intensive review.

Chances are that you’ve come across Millionaire Mind Intensive online (through the ads), but what is it and can it benefit you in starting an online business?

If that’s exactly what you’re looking to find out, you’re in the right place. In the review below, I’ll share everything you need to know about the company before you visit one of their events, but I’ll also share an alternative that helped me get started – so keep on reading!

Overview & Rankings

Name: Millionaire Mind Intensive

Training: 4.3 out of 5.0
Benefits: 4.5 out of 5.0
Support: 4.0 out of 5.0

Price: Sometimes free or starting entry fee of £47

My Overall Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0

Millionaire Mind Intensive Review

Millionaire Mind Intensive is a company that hosts events all around the United Kingdom and at these events, they teach people how to unlock financial freedom and live the life of their dreams.

But how effective are these types of events and seminars, is it worth the money, and what should you expect?

One event I went to late in 2019 in London reminded me of the same type of an event where they provide a tiny bit of value, showcase their “luxurious” lifestyle, only to sell courses and training for thousands of dollars.

According to the Millionaire Mind Intensive website, they have had 10 million attendees, they hold 500 events per year, and they have held events in 35 different countries. There are also 104 years of footage viewed and they claim to be the number 1 seminar company.

But is there any truth to this?

It depends on the training provided at the event, but also the price of the event and the whole purpose of the event.

Don’t get me wrong. I like seminars. They’re great to learn, network, and connect with other people in the industry. However, some seminars are hosted for the sole purpose of upselling the audience with very expensive training options.

Millionaire Mind Intensive features training on:

  • Achieving personal and financial goals
  • How to handle money and “win” the money game
  • Strategies to create multiple streams of passive income
  • Money management system
  • Actional plan for reaching personal financial goals
  • Getting rid of limiting beliefs
  • Wealth strategies that are employed by millions of ordinary people around the world

I like that the training focuses on core elements that need to be handled even before you think of achieving your financial freedom. It’s a great starting point.

However, what interests me the most is the last bullet point which is the wealth strategy that’s employed by millions of ordinary people around the world. Since Millionaire Mind Intensive’s seminars have been visited by 10 million attendees, I’d love to see a report on the success rate of their students.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find anything like that available on their website.

Are you this far in the Millionaire Mind Intensive review and you’re still wondering if you should visit the next Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar? Keep on reading to find out both good and bad about the seminar.

The Good


I like that Millionaire Mind Intensive is all about teaching you how to fix values about money and how to get your money under control.

This is something we don’t learn in schools and yet it’s of huge importance as money is all around us. It’s part of life and you better master it than wing it as you go.

From what I’ve seen, Millionaire Mind Intensive is held by T. Harv Eker who is a great trainer and even better yet salesman. He really teaches people values about money, but also how money is made and how passive income is generated.

He is very passionate and is a great speaker. He has audiobooks that are also great, but the audiobooks are nothing like the event. T. Harv knows how to get the crowd excited, hungry, and out of their comfort zone to learn something new and even change their mindset.

In comparison to the other seminar I visited, Millionaire Mind Intensive seems like a lot more professional event.

Yes, there are upsells throughout the seminar, and there are even free times during the event where you can spend time purchasing other products.

What I like is that, yes, some products cost thousands of dollars, however, there are books and other training material that won’t cost you a lot and yet the value is worth the price.

I think Millionaire Mind Intensive is a great starting point to change the way you think about your money, finances, and income streams and learn how to start taking action to change your habits and even change your mindset for the better.

Another great thing is that during the Covid-19, Millionaire Mind Intensive are held online so you can still join them from anywhere in the world. However, I should warn you that the atmosphere won’t be the same!

The Bad


Not everyone is a big fan of upsells. I’m somewhere in between, but I’m pretty sensitive when it comes down to high-ticket upsells on seminars.

If you’re the same, I recommend leaving your card at home or only carrying cash you can spend at that moment.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Millionaire Mind Intensive can last up to 12 hours a day, with breaks of course, but still be prepared as these seminars tend to be 3-day long (often during the weekend).

Also, keep in mind that the seminar will serve as a great source of value, you’ll get great information, but after it ends, you’ll need to take action and either keep learning using your own sources or purchase any recommended sources at the seminar.

Sometimes, Millionaire Mind Intensive seminars tend to be free and sometimes you’ll have to pay the entry fee, so this is another thing to keep in mind.

How Much Does Millionaire Mind Intensive Cost?


I’ve learned that Millionaire Mind Intensive seminars are sometimes free, and sometimes there is an entry fee you have to pay.

For example, at the last seminar in London which was by the end of 2020, the cost was split into 3 different categories:

  • General – £49
  • Premium – £79
  • VIP – £499

The General price is decent and considering it’s the price for a 3-day event, it’s not a bad deal. However, I don’t think Premium is worth it only because you get a better seat and nothing else.

VIP also includes a couple of additional benefits that I don’t consider to be of £499 value. However, to each its own!

Is Millionaire Mind Intensive Worth the Price?


I think that Millionaire Mind Intensive is definitely worth the price whether you grab a ticket for the General submission or you secure a virtual spot.

There are also audiobooks, eBooks, and even video content that is also worth purchasing as it definitely provides the value for the price you pay.

What I Also Recommend


I like that Millionaire Mind Intensive is focused on ensuring that you know your finances, know how to keep and invest money, but it also teaches more about passive income.

If you need additional training or you’re looking for a way to learn how to create more than one income stream online – I have a great educational platform for you.

Wealthy Affiliate is an educational platform that helped me when I was starting out. Wealthy Affiliate teaches affiliate marketing, and the whole concept is based on creating a niche site around something you’re passionate about.

From there, you’ll learn how to write web content that provides value to readers, how to research and target keywords, target a specific audience, optimize your website for search engines, acquire rankings, acquire organic traffic for free, and lastly, monetize your website in more than one way.

It definitely takes time, but with the help of this training and affiliate marketing, you’ll learn how to create your own online business (your own asset) that will be able to produce passive income in the long run!

Most importantly, Wealthy Affiliate is free to join so you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to keep on learning and taking action to achieve your financial freedom.

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If there’s one thing you should learn from this Millionaire Mind Intensive review, it’s that you should keep on learning and you should know your finances.

Not all seminars deliver up to the expectations, but Millionaire Mind Intensive is one of the rare seminars that tend to share a lot of value. Of course, they will also provide additional course upsells, but that’s optional.

It’s all about getting your money right, learning how to create income streams, and how to generate passive income to achieve financial freedom.

Have you ever been to a Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar? What are your thoughts on educational seminars?

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