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Why Wealthy Affiliate Has so Many Reviews Online?

Let’s be real. Wealthy Affiliate has way too many reviews online for an educational platform.

Do you know any other educational platform that has even nearly as many reviews as Wealthy Affiliate? I don’t know either.

But is Wealthy Affiliate a scam? This could be one of the explanations why there are hundreds for Wealthy Affiliate reviews, right?

Wealthy Affiliate is free for everyone but it also has a Premium membership that is very attractive. So here you are having a huge dilemma of whether Wealthy Affiliate is legitimate.

I have some good news.

You’re in the right place. Why?

Because, in this post, you won’t only find whether Wealthy Affiliate is legitimate, but you’ll also find my personal story regarding the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?


Wealthy Affiliate is an educational platform that focuses on teaching everything there is about affiliate marketing.

But training isn’t everything Wealthy Affiliate offers.

Since it teaches people how to create their own website (niche site or a blog) around a specific niche – it also has its own dedicated hosting. Other than the ability to create your own site directly within Wealthy Affiliate – it can be used to purchase a domain name.

Research is an important factor when you’re thinking of starting a business online, right? Wealthy Affiliate understands this and that’s why they feature their own keyword research tool known as Jaaxy.

And since it gathers everyone who is interested in learning affiliate marketing and finding a way to start an online business – Wealthy Affiliate is also a community after all. It has some of the most important features of every social media platform such as the profile, followers, and even comments.

Therefore, Wealthy Affiliate won’t only teach you everything there is about affiliate marketing, but they’ll also show you a step-by-step process on how to create an online business (or a brand).

I wrote an in-depth review from Inside of the Wealthy Affiliate so feel free to read it if you’re curious to find what else is waiting for you inside Wealthy Affiliate.

So Why Wealthy Affiliate Has so Many Reviews Online?


Type into Google – Wealthy Affiliate review.

How many Wealthy Affiliate reviews are there? Hundreds, if not thousands!

One possibility is that Wealthy Affiliate is so good that it has thousands of reviews online. Yet, on the other hand, another possibility is that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam.

But here’s the truth.

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a scam. Also, I have an explanation for the number of Wealthy Affiliate reviews there are.

Like any other big store, digital marketers, products & platforms – Wealthy Affiliate has its own affiliate program for its users.

Therefore, whoever is a member of Wealthy Affiliate has the ability to promote Wealthy Affiliate in order to gain referrals.

What is the reward?

Credits you can spend inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform and even money commission on a number of users you refer to.

And what’s the best way to get as many referrals as you can?

It’s to tell everyone about Wealthy Affiliate and its benefits. Does this mean that Wealthy Affiliate isn’t what everyone tells you?

Of course not. In fact, Wealthy Affiliate is everything you read about in thousands of these reviews. How can you be so sure?

I bet if you read a couple of Wealthy Affiliate reviews, you’d notice one thing.


Every one of these reviews focuses on the benefits of the platform, its features, and the output of the successful Wealthy Affiliate community.

Therefore, everything you see is 100% real and true.

In fact, you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free to check this out for yourself!

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?


Of course, it is not a scam.

As I’ve just explained – Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most legitimate learning platforms you can come across online.

It specializes in affiliate marketing and creation of an online business by creating a website/blog around a very specific niche you’re passionate about.

Not only you are welcome to join Wealthy Affiliate for free and check everything out yourself – but you can actually create your own site the moment you join Wealthy Affiliate.

Of course, you don’t have to promote Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is not all about it and it’s not a pyramid get-rich-quick scheme.

It’s actually all about creating a legitimate business by utilizing affiliate marketing & programs such as one of the largest affiliate programs – Amazon Associates.

Of course, I’m aware of “specialized gurus” in the digital marketing business that often pose next to supercars, have photos of their laptops & “working from the beach” or they even record videos on the balconies of luxury flats by the sea.

However, you will never see anyone promoting Wealthy Affiliate this way.

In fact, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most genuine platforms that will tell you the following: if you are looking for get-rich-quick scheme, you shouldn’t bother coming back.

Instead, they promote a long, hard, and time-consuming work that will help you reach your goals if you stay dedicated and consistent.

But what’s up with the hundreds (or thousands) of Wealthy Affiliate reviews?

My Opinion


Wealthy Affiliate has been around for about 14 years now. I’ve been around digital marketing for only 3 years so far.

The reason Wealthy Affiliate has so many reviews posted online is due to the long & successful running age of the platform, but also due to the successful members who are kind enough to share their roots of success.

In fact, when I was getting into digital marketing – the first learning platform I came across was a Wealthy Affiliate. 3 years later – I’m still a member. This itself tells you a lot about the platform.

I’ve had initial success with my first two sites. But not only I had success by following the Wealthy Affiliate training, but I ended up selling the sites for actual money.

Nothing was there to stop me.

The next thing I did was freelance some of the skills I’ve learned in Wealthy Affiliate.

Now, I have a steady online service business and yet I’m still working on my two new sites on the side. If there was no Wealthy Affiliate to teach me everything when I was starting out – I am not sure where my digital marketing career would end up.

Or would it even start? It’s a big question.

As you can notice, I have my own Wealthy Affiliate review. Does this mean I succeeded?

Even though I know that there’s a lot more to learn and I still have a lot more room to improve – I’ve come a long way so far and I was able to not only make some money online – but I was able to build a sustainable online business that helped me quit 9-5 day job.

So is Wealthy Affiliate a scam? Definitely not!

But does it take time, dedication, and hard work to learn & succeed? Yes, it does!


When was the first time you heard about Wealthy Affiliate?

I know that it can be hard to trust learning platforms online – especially with so many scams and fake guru’s out there focusing on making their own money.

However, don’t forget that Wealthy Affiliate is free for all starter members. You can join today and WA won’t even require a credit card yet only your username and an email address.

Do you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate platform?

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below, but you can also let me know what you think about Wealthy Affiliate or tell me how is your training going on so far!

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