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Is Norwex Worth it and Is Norwex Legit?

Whether you’ve been shopping for cleaning essentials or if you’ve been looking for the opportunity to make money online – you must have come across Norwex. But is Norwex worth it and is Norwex legit at all?

Norwex is one of the rare cleaning essential companies that provide a multi-level marketing program and that’s exactly why I’ll review this company and its MLM program.

Down below, you’ll learn everything to know about Norwex, the MLM program, and even if it’s worth joining or if you should find another way of making money online so keep on reading!

Overview & Rankings

Name: Norwex

Training: 3.2 out of 5.0
Benefits: 3.7 out of 5.0
Support: 3.7 out of 5.0

Price: Free to start, $9.99 basic packet shipping fee

My Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0

Norwex Review

On the front, Norwex looks like any other cleaning supplies company that does its best to produce the next best premium microfiber and most importantly – sustainable cleaning products.

But what happens if you google Norwex? You will see the first question to be whether or not Norwex is a pyramid scheme.

Therefore, it’s not a secret that Norwex has a multi-level marketing program anyone can join.

As a company, I like Norwex since it’s based out of Norway and yet it’s trying to change the way we clean our homes, clothes, and even wash our hands. They’re working hard on reducing the chemicals needed to produce cleaning products we use regularly.

On top of that, Norwex is also on a mission to reduce the plastic we use whenever we buy more cleaning supplies.

When you visit the Norwex website, you’ll definitely spot the “Join Us” button. So what is Norwex’s MLM program like?

Is Norwex worth it?

Even though I am not a fan of MLM programs, Norwex is one of very few MLM programs I think are decent.

Norwex takes a different approach to multi-level marketing and even though their program is based on the same principle – I think it is actually a good opportunity.

You get to decide whether it is going to be a side-gig or a full-time thing for you, and yet you get to be a part of the movement where you’ll help spread the awareness on the chemicals people use daily.

This will also help you promote the products that have a purpose, rather than promoting overpriced “premium” products of some other MLM companies.

Many other benefits come with the program and that’s why you should keep on reading to find both good and bad below!

The Good


What I noticed first was that the Norwex MLM program is free to join. This is the first MLM program I came across that doesn’t cost anything to join.

If you’re really passionate about spreading the awareness of cleaning products and you spend a lot of time browsing cleaning-product isles in supermarkets, I think that this might be a suitable MLM program for you.

A commission rate is 35% on everything you sell and there’s no confusing structure or ranks that you have to follow – which is another great thing about the program.

Norwex even provides you a personalized website that they manage for you at no additional cost and yet it gets regular updates on their latest products and news.

Training and support are decent and it’s included in the program, which again, is free to join.

What I like the most about this program is that you get to earn free products and incentives which just shows that Norwex really cares about its members. Many other MLM companies just care about getting as much money as possible from their members.

If you love hosting parties, Norwex can even provide a Host Rewards package for free.

Also, if you’re more traditional and you’d like to do your marketing offline – Norwex also provides free catalogs and everything you’d need to help promote and sell Norwex products.

This is all you will get for free (including basic products) which only costs $9.99 for the delivery. From there, if you manage to sell $1,000 of products in personal retail sales in your first 30 days (or $2,000 in 90 days), you get another package (Starter package) – for free.

Therefore, I definitely like the structure, information, training, website, and even products that are provided while you only have to pay the shipping cost.

Believe it or not, this might be one of the first MLM programs I wouldn’t feel guilty recommending to people. Of course, I should mention that I am not associated with Norwex in any way and this is my unbiased review.

The Bad


To be honest, I think that some of the Norwex products are a bit overpriced. In my opinion, it will be very hard to sell premium products (about $50 for a graphite bath towel).

Recurring sales might also be a big issue on some of the products. Not everyone will re-order half of the products, and the re-orders will most likely happen on the chemical-free cleaning products.

Since Norwex is a Norwegian company, they don’t have a huge social presence across Europe, let alone the United States or Canada. Therefore, I believe the less-known brand familiarity might be another issue as people tend to do a lot of research these days before purchasing anything (especially premium products).

I’ve also read some user experiences regarding the products and even though I believe Norwex produces quality microfiber products, not everyone is a big fan of this type of cleaning cloths.

Also, some members go extreme and they’ll demonstrate how Norwex anti-bacterial cloths can wipe off anything without any presence of cleaning products – which is just crazy to think of.

The commission rate might seem decent at first, but to earn about $1,750, you will have to sell $5000 worth of products every month. If you had a very good marketing campaign online, you might get close to this, but doing this offline? I don’t think so.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Norwex’s MLM Program?


Norwex’s MLM program is free to join and it doesn’t cost you anything. I did my research and Norwex did charge its members a joining fee before. They also had a lot more structure when it comes down to commission.

I like that they worked on improving the MLM program, but you still have to be a great salesman to make decent earning.

As of today, it’s free to join Norwex’s MLM program and you will only have to handle the shipping fee of $9.99 to receive the basic products and catalogs that will help you promote Norwex and make sales

Is Norwex Worth it?


As I’ve mentioned earlier, I don’t think Norwex is worth it.


You will have to be a great salesman to make decent money. Therefore, I don’t see the reason to build your business around an MLM program that strictly limits you. You’ll still have to do a lot of hard work and most importantly, active work (with no possibility of making it passive) to sell a lot of products.

There is no sustainability with this MLM program no matter how good it looks no that it has been improved.

If you think of doing this on the side without pushing it too hard – sure, why not. But you can still do much better if you worked as hard on your actual online business.

Even though I think that Norwex has a couple of decent products, microfiber isn’t anything new and I am not sure why all of their microfiber cloths are so expensive. Try selling that to customers who won’t have to re-order the clothes. I just think it’s a waste of time and your own potential.

So is Norwex worth it? I don’t think it’s worth your time as there are better ways to use your time to build a successful and independent online business.

Keep on reading to see what I recommend instead!

What I Recommend Instead


What I recommend instead is affiliate marketing. You might have heard of it, and even though it might seem similar to multi-level marketing – it’s totally different.

With affiliate marketing, you aren’t strictly tied to one company, and yet you can partner up with any company you prefer (and be a partner of multiple companies).

The commission rates are lower, but you won’t have to pay the joining fee, you won’t have to hard-sell the products, and if you take advantage of affiliate marketing wisely – you will be able to generate passive income doing so.

What helped me get started is an educational platform called Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a platform that teaches people to find something they’re passionate about, create a website around their topic of interest, write valuable content, optimize the website for search engines, gain organic rankings and traffic and monetize the website with the help of affiliate marketing and other ways.

Therefore, you’ll be building a business around your passion instead of restricting yourself to only one company and its products.

Along with the training, Wealthy Affiliate provides tools such as an easy website builder, and keyword research tool so you will be able to implement everything you learn in step-by-step video training right to your website.

I should also mention that Wealthy Affiliate is free to join and you can make 2 free websites even today, so there’s definitely no reason not to check it out for yourself.

Click Here to Learn More About Wealthy Affiliate!


Is Norwex worth it? Not really. If you’re looking to practice and improve your sales skills or if you’re only looking to do this occasionally – it’s not a bad idea.

However, I don’t think Norwex’s MLM program is ideal for building a sustainable business or income with it.

So is Norwex legit? Of course, it is legit. Even though I don’t think some of the products are fairly priced, they still have decent products and a decent MLM program that just isn’t for everybody.

Instead, I highly recommend spending your time wisely to learn more about online marketing and online business models to create an independent business that will help you generate passive income in the long run!

Did you ever try Norwex products? Were you invited to the well-known host parties that try to sell Norwex products to you?

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