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Is Monat a Scam? Think Twice Before You Join!

It’s no secret that Monat isn’t only a company that produces premium hair and skincare company. Monat is also known for being a part of multi-level marketing, but is Monat a scam?

I remember working with clients who were members of the Monat MLM program and they were investing a lot of money into building their own online business promoting the Monat products.

Unfortunately, all of this came to a hold one day when Monat got hit with a big lawsuit claiming that Monat participated in false advertising and that some of their hair products were associated with hair loss cases.

But is Monat a great company and most importantly, is Monat a pyramid scheme or is their MLM program good to join? Keep on reading to find out!

Overview & Rankings

Name: Monat

Training: 2.7 out of 5.0
Benefits: 1.6 out of 5.0
Support: 3.0 out of 5.0

Price: $97

My Overall Rating: 2.4 out of 5.0

Monat Review


Monat is well known as a premium company that produces haircare, skincare, and even pet products. However, as soon as you visit their website, you’ll notice the “Opportunity” page.

It’s no secret that Monat offers an MLM program. By visiting the Opportunity page, you get to learn more about the company, discover more about the offer, and see testimonials from Monat members.

However, at one point, you’ll have to decide whether or not you’d like to join Monat’s MLM program.

Monat allows you to be a part of “something special” as you join the Monat movement, and the landing page seems to be full of reasons why you should become a part of Monat. Even though this is a great strategy (rather than only making claims and financial promises), you should still keep in mind that you will still have to pay for this “opportunity” and do all the hard work for the company only to be paid on a commission basis.

I had a look at the Monat products and product reviews, and one thing I found out is that the Monat products are a bit too expensive. Many MLM members are trying to make a sustainable business online by selling expensive shampoo’s but how many expensive shampoos can you sell monthly?

Trustpilot reviews of Monat company and its products really reveal how customers and previous MLM members think of the company. There are 55% 5-star ratings, however, there are also 38% 1-star ratings which really reveal the truth.

So is Monat a scam?

Keep on reading as I tell you what I like the most but also what I like the least about the MLM program.

The Good


I like that Monat focuses on the social marketing approach to get direct sales. However, they also focus on having members recruit others into the program which is a big red flag for me.

Some of the Monat products seem to be very decent and if you aren’t turned off by a bit higher price (paying for quality), they might be worth investing in.

However, on the other end of the product spectrum, there are also products that I think are very overpriced, and yet there are many other competitors who are more affordable and yet have a better historical record.

And since the lawsuit, I am definitely not considering Monat as the right MLM company. Find out why down below!

The Bad


The worst thing I came across the Monat isn’t its overpriced products, but it’s the member recruitment that led to a lawsuit, along with the product association with hair loss.

This was more than enough for me to know to not promote Monat or recommend anyone to join it. When you have a look at the reviews on Trustpilot, you also get a clear idea from people who did business with Monat.

Also, I had experience working with clients who were Monat members and I saw how Monat’s lawsuit changed things for them overnight. Therefore, my clients lost money and haven’t made much (if any money).

Even if Monat’s products were cheaper, there was no lawsuit, and there was no recruitment in the program – I think it would still be tough to build an online business with this type of MLM program. It would be far more possible, but it would still require a lot of hard work.

And you didn’t even hear about the pricing and commission structure yet. If you’re really looking for a way to build a business online, keep in mind that I’ll show you a legit alternative that helped me get started, so keep on reading until the end!

How Much Does it Cost to Join Monat’s MLM Program?


To join Monat and be a part of the company, you will have to pay $99 which is a joining fee. On top of that, you will have to keep purchasing the products you’ll then re-sell for a profit.

When it comes down to the commission rate, the commission rate isn’t that bad as you can get a 30% commission for selling products to regular customers. You can also sell products to VIP customers yet this will only reward you with a 15% commission.

Even though commission on sales isn’t that bad, I have noticed that many Monat members are still building their teams as it’s a way to get the recurring income in. However, that’s a huge red flag which definitely has a pyramid scheme written all over it.

Is Monat a Scam and is it Worth the Price?


I don’t believe Monat is worth the price. I am not a believer in paying to join MLM programs. Why would you pay to be a part of the company, sell its products, recruit people, and do free marketing for the company only for commission-based pay?

Instead, I recommend learning affiliate marketing and creating your own online business without being dependent on one company. Most importantly, you won’t have to pay to join any affiliate program which is another benefit.

Lastly, you won’t have to worry about affiliate programs being a scam as some of the largest companies have affiliate programs (such as Amazon) and all you have to do is pay attention to the terms and policies.

Therefore, keep on reading to learn how I started and what I recommend instead of Monat or any other MLM program out there.

What I Recommend Instead


Rather than depending on one company that has a questionable program, paying to be a member, and fearing the changes or lawsuits that might shut down or change the program at any time – I have a better solution.

I’m a big fan of affiliate marketing which might seem similar to MLM, but it’s a lot better business model that has been around for two decades now and it’s still going strong.

Therefore, instead of spending money on MLM programs, I recommend learning more about affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that helped me get started.

It’s an educational platform that’s free to join and yet you get training, tools, and access to a helpful community. In the training, you’ll learn how to find a niche (something you’re passionate about), create a website, write valuable content, find keywords and learn how to target them, optimize the website for search engines, gain organic traffic, and learn how to monetize the website.

It’s a long process, but it’s a sustainable process that requires minimal investment and yet can become profitable easily in the long run.

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Is Monat a scam? Or even worse, is Monat a pyramid scheme?

Monat might not be a scam, but the odds are definitely against its MLM members. Considering that recruitment is still a huge part of the program, the program looks like it’s very close to becoming a pyramid scheme.

Personally, I am not a Monat customer and I would never be a Monat member, and that’s something I don’t recommend to anyone.

If you’re serious about making money online, there are definitely better ways and I only gave you one alternative that is a far better solution.

Where did you hear about Monat and what do you think about MLM programs?

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