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Is Jaaxy a Scam? – Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

I’ve tried a number of different keyword tools from Ahrefs to SEMrush, and I must admit something. There is nothing out there like Jaaxy.

In case you don’t know what Jaaxy is – it’s a keyword research tool that allows you to find keywords, competition, search volume, and a few other cool things that can help you in ranking your website.

And in this Jaaxy keyword research tool review, I will show you everything there is about Jaaxy, both good and bad – so you can make a decision. Whether try Jaaxy out or give another keyword research tool a try.

So let’s dive right into it with the most important statistics first.

Overview & Rankings


Name: Jaaxy
URL: Jaaxy.com

Training: 4.9 out of 5.0
Support: 4.8 out of 5.0
Benefits: 4.9 out of 5.0

Price: Starter (Free), Pro ($49/month), Enterprise ($99/month)

My Overall Rating: 4.9 out of 5.0

Jaaxy – The Good and The Bad

The Good


What I really like about Jaaxy is its simplicity. Even some of the most popular keyword research software doesn’t have the simplicity of Jaaxy.

And other than its simple interface, it’s a pretty fast tool as well. You can experience it even if you test it out as a Starter member.

If I had to name one of the best features of Jaaxy, it would definitely be the number of keywords & niches you can discover with just a couple of clicks.

Depending on the way you use Jaaxy, other than looking up keywords for your posts – you can find out who your competitors are and why they are ranking better than you.

What I also like about Jaaxy is the ability to have a complete overview of your website, track the rankings of your keywords in three different search engines, and even have an access to a popular Alphabet Soup that allows you to discover keywords you haven’t even thought of.

Being able to try out almost all Jaaxy features with a Starter account with very few limitation is just one of many benefits on the list.

The Bad

Starter members get free access which isn’t very limited by the number of features but it gets limited after 30 initial free searches.

Another thing I dislike is the limit inside the Site Rank feature of Jaaxy tool – even now when my account is Lite instead of a Starter. It can help you search for specific keywords your site is ranking for (which is an amazing tool), but it searches only the first page of Google.

Note: Even though there are two membership types (3 if we include Starter), there is a Lite account type which is a special access for Wealthy Affiliate members.

If you’d want it to increase the number of pages it searches through, you’d have to upgrade to Premium. I can imagine that Starter members might have even bigger limitations than described.

However, this is a fair move from Jaaxy as this is a feature which can be hardly found in any other tool and is unique to their tool only.

The membership price can definitely add up over the months, but if you’re planning on going annually – we find that a discount for annual members makes the Jaaxy worth every dollar it costs.

But other than that, I wasn’t able to come up with even a single harsh thing for this Jaaxy keyword research tool review post.

Jaaxy Training & Tools

Jaaxy is one of the leading tools in the industry when it comes down to training & tools. I’ve tried expensive keyword research tools such as Ahrefs which really comes with plenty of features – which an average user, unfortunately, doesn’t fully take an advantage of.

Therefore, Jaaxy’s simplicity really helps put all the main features and tools in one place – where an average user would take advantage of about 80% of everything that is included.

Jaaxy Training


Once you join Jaaxy, I highly recommend visiting “Jaaxy Help” tab. It’s a tab located inside the Jaaxy which features 4 videos that explain & show the tool but also teaches you how to use it and find your way around the tool.

Therefore, you won’t find yourself browsing YouTube or Google for help 5 minutes later.

The videos are very simple, short, and straight to the point – recorded by Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate which is, in my opinion, a really good teacher.

In case you don’t know what Wealthy Affiliate is – make sure to check my Inside Wealthy Affiliate Review!

Along with the training, you will find 3 downloadable bonuses that will help you find niches, keywords, and even domains.

That’s plenty of Jaaxy information you can access to get you up and running, even if you’re a total beginner.

Jaaxy Tools


Inside Jaaxy, you will find the main tools listed in the upper menu which feature:

  • Search
  • Site Rank
  • Affiliate Program
  • Jaaxy Help

While on the sub-menu, you can find more tools for each category.



Under search, you will be able to look up for keywords which is very simple to do. All you have to do is enter a phrase and click “Find Keywords“.

However, if you are looking for a niche or have no ideas on topics you can search for within your niche – Alphabet Soup tool can help you out.

It’s a tool that takes the initial phrase which can be one word and by relying on popular terms searched on search engines, it finds hundreds of topics and keywords within a niche.

Once you find your favorite keywords, you can save them to a list which will always be available only to you within the Jaaxy tool.


If you would like to look up what you’ve previously searched – you can do that as well with the help of the Search History tab inside the Jaaxy.

When you have a potential keyword you could use, I highly recommend putting it through “Search Analysis” tool within Jaaxy. It’s a tool that shows you who’s ranking for the exact keyword and specific information about your top competitors.

And if you’re into affiliate marketing – you can also find affiliate programs within the Jaaxy. I really like this option as it allows you to search for programs specific to your niche, instead of browsing pages of affiliate programs which might not mean anything to you.

Lastly, in case you don’t have inspiration (no worries, it happens to the best of us), you can help yourself with a “Brainstorm” feature. It’s a feature that shows Google Trends, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers, and Twitter Trends – so you can find a topic that’s already highly searched for.

Site Rank


Once you get something going on your website and you start acquiring better rankings (stay persistent, it’s going to happen sooner or later!), you can track the keywords you’re ranking for within the Jaaxy.

I really like this feature since it allows you to search keywords you’ve tried ranking for – and it can display these rankings only for your site.

If you’re trying to beat a competitor for a specific keyword, you can set a tracked ranking for a keyword and automate the tracking process with the help of Jaaxy. This way, you receive a real-time, daily or weekly ranking results.

Affiliate Program


If you’re into affiliate marketing and you like promoting things you use or you believe in – the good news is that Jaaxy has its own affiliate program for the Jaaxy users.

And even better yet, the commission rate is huge – but it depends on the type of membership your referred user purchases.

But what I really liked is the number of links and plugins they have put out for users. They really put time and effort to create tools that help promote Jaaxy the way it deserves to be promoted.

Jaaxy Help

And as you know by now, Jaaxy Help is a place where you can learn everything about the tool and more than just the tool.

It’s a place full of training suitable for affiliate marketers, website owners, micro niche site owners, eCommerce store owners, bloggers, even YouTubers, and almost anyone who’s looking to start an online busines through their own website.

Jaaxy Memberships & Pricing


By now, you probably understand that Jaaxy can be accessed for free, but it also has two different membership types you can purchase to take the full advantage of Jaaxy.

But you must be wondering how does Jaaxy work?


Starter Membership is absolutely free and it offers 30 initial searches with the ability to try out everything Jaaxy has to offer.

I find this to be a great way to test out Jaaxy before making a purchase, but once the initial searches run out – you won’t be able to use Jaaxy for free any further.

Instead, you can start thinking about upgrading your account and which membership type will you go for.


I find Pro membership to be the most ideal choice for about 80% of users. Pro includes everything from Starter and yet it allows you to:

  • Perform unlimited searches
  • Do manual QSR search
  • Perform manual domain search
  • Use the Alphabet Soup technique up to 15 letters
  • Do multi-thread search
  • Use SiteRank analysis scans

It costs $49 USD per month and in my opinion, is totally worth the price since you almost get to use Jaaxy to its fullest potential.

For any website owner, an online business owner, and even a multiple site owner – Pro will be the most suitable membership.


Enterprise membership features everything from Pro membership and it increases the speed of Jaaxy up to 5 times.

Everything within Enterprise membership is automated which includes QSR and domain searches, and you can benefit from using the Alphabet Soup technique up to 50 letters.

If you have plenty of websites or you perform a keyword, niche, and market research for a company or number of different clients – you will be able to have unlimited keyword lists which is a big plus.

Enterprise membership costs $99 USD per month. Even though it’s twice the Pro membership cost – it offers triple amount of features and it puts no cap on the number of searches you can make.

Therefore, I find Enterprise membership to be ideal for larger companies or individuals who work for companies or have an established business.

Final Opinion on Jaaxy


Is Jaaxy a scam? Definitely not. Jaaxy is far from a scam.

Jaaxy is a tool that will turn you into a real marketer who is aware of its competitors, its site rankings, and the ranking possibility for an unlimited number of keywords.

I really like how Jaaxy is more than just a keyword tool. It’s a tool that can help you do the whole market research for your website. From niches to keywords and competitors, you can have every possible information to know how to take action.

When I was starting out with my first niche site which was in tech niche (it is a very competitive niche), I was able to reach quite many rankings on the first page of Google with basic ON-page SEO optimization and absolutely no backlinks.

Even though I didn’t perform very efficient niche research for my first niche site, I was lucky enough to have the help of Jaaxy to understand keywords and have an unlimited number of keywords and ideas for my website which provided results over time.

Not only you can rank your website, but you can also out beat your competition. Because, let’s face it – no matter which niche you are into, you will always have some type of competitors.

With proper research and preparation, you are able to outrank about 75% of your competition – if not more. And with Jaaxy, you can build incredible portfolios – no matter which industry, how many sites do you have, and what do you do online.

Can you put a price on something like Jaaxy? I definitely can’t!

I hope this Jaaxy keyword research tool review was helpful to you, and if it was – feel free to share it and even leave a comment down below – I appreciate it!

And of course, give Jaaxy a try – it’s free and you’ve got nothing to lose, right?

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12 thoughts on “Is Jaaxy a Scam? – Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

  1. I actually really like Jaxxy. Like anything else it has it’s bad and good, but all in all, I have to give it a big thumbs up for me. I also have a Lite account, and if you are using Jaxxy I would highly suggest upgrading to the Lite account. If you’re using it seriously you won’t regret it in my opinion.

    1. Hey,

      thanks for taking time to leave a comment!

      I couldn’t agree more with you. I also use the Lite account and it’s more than enough for me right now.

      As you’ve said – everything has a bad and good, but I’m glad that Jaaxy’s bad site isn’t anything compared to its good side.


  2. quite thoughtful of you to write up such a review on Jaaxy..if you are a member of what at Wealthy Affiliate then jaaxy shouldn’t be new to you.. it is a search engine that gives you access to 1000 search words and niches needed to intensively set up your website in at wealthy affiliate… you could visit wealthy affiliate to get to know more about Jaaxy…

    1. Hi,

      yes, Jaaxy is a tool that’s available within Wealthy Affiliate as well. But you can also register for free and use it on its own which is something I like.



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