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Is Isagenix a Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramid schemes are not only illegal, but they’re also a waste of time and money for its members. The only ones who benefit from a pyramid scheme are the ones at the top (creators). However, sooner than later, they find themselves surrounded by huge lawsuits.

I believe it’s great that you’re informing yourself about Isagenix before you join them but I’m sure you’re wondering is Isagenix a pyramid scheme and is it worth your time?

Keep on reading because you’re in the right place! Down below, I’ll let you know a couple more things about pyramid schemes before I jump into the Isagenix!

Overview & Rankings

Name: Isagenix

Training: 1.7 out of 5.0
Benefits: 1.2 out of 5.0
Support: 1.4 out of 5.0

Price: $30-$40 per year with additional costs

My Overall Rating: 1.4 out of 5.0

What is a Pyramid Scheme?


If you ever came across multi-level marketing programs, you might have learned about the pyramid scheme. Unfortunately, a pyramid scheme is often tied with multi-level marketing.

But what is a pyramid scheme?

A pyramid scheme is a business model that is solely based on recruiting members with a promise to earn money by recruiting more members into the scheme.

As you can notice, it’s an endless cycle that increases the number of members in the scheme where the money is hard to earn, if even possible to earn.

While the pyramid scheme doesn’t benefit many members, it only benefits some members who are at the top and definitely benefits the owners of the scheme.

Pyramid schemes are now illegal and not only that but are also a waste of time and a waste of money. The only one who benefits from it is the company that set it up as they always earn money through entry fees from any member that signs up.

But what’s the most heartbreaking about pyramid schemes and its programs is that it often promises people ways to create their own business, work from home, supplement their income, and even live the lifestyle of their dreams.

Unfortunately, this is only a way to bait people into the program and bait existing members to recruit more members – which ensures that the company in question doesn’t have to spend any money on marketing the scheme, and yet it earns them passive income for as long as it runs.

I should also mention that pyramid schemes never end up well as they all collapse or are stopped on time by a legal body. For example, well-known Herbalife had a huge settlement after being accused of running an illegal pyramid scheme.

Therefore, this is something to keep in mind and of course, run away from when you’re checking out “internet opportunities”. These “opportunities” are often disguised in MLM programs that will waste your time and money.

What is Isagenix?


Isagenix is almost a 2 decades old company that sells dietary supplements and personal care products. But on a closer look, you can see that Isagenix is also labeled as a multi-level marketing company.

But what does this mean?

A multi-level marketing company is a company that produces and sells products (just like any other company) for a specific market, but their main way of promotion and marketing is through their multi-level marketing program.

I wrote an in-depth article on multi-level marketing and scams associated with it so I highly recommend giving it a read as you must know how to understand which MLM program isn’t a scam.

Isagenix can help its customers with weight management and energy & performance by providing delicious and convenient products that can nourish the body for a healthy change.

However, I could also notice that after the two main benefits, the third benefit is the ability to help its customers to “build a business” – and that’s what this article is all about.

Perhaps, you were presented with this offer and you’re wondering whether or not this is a good idea. Keep on reading to find out more about Isagenix’s multi-level marketing program!

Isagenix Associates Opportunity (MLM Program)


Isagenix has a program that allows its customers or fans to become Isagenix associates. Using their products will help you feel better, live better, and even look better.

However, by becoming an Isagenix associate, they say that they can boost your income potential and help you build your own business on your own time.

One thing I could notice is that there isn’t much information given on the well-built landing page. This is always a red flag.

Upon checking out Isagenix products, I could notice that most of their products are processed and aren’t really naturally healthy.

But is Isagenix a pyramid scheme? Even though there are definitely elements – I don’t believe that Isagenix is a pyramid scheme.


Because it doesn’t rely on recruiting and it only relies on selling. Therefore, whoever becomes the associate – their job is to distribute the product and bring the money into the company through product sales instead of recruiting fees.

Keep on reading to find my personal take on the good and the bad of the Isagenix MLM program!

The Good


I believe that Isagenix has a great idea of creating shakes that can help nourish your body and help you consume fewer calories.

This will definitely lead to a healthier lifestyle and weight loss. Not only that, but such products are highly convenient if you lead a busy lifestyle.

Instead of eating fast food, having a shake ready whenever is convenient, right?

While the concept is good, I personally wouldn’t even be an Isagenix consumer.


It’s really hard to trust that all of its products are 100% natural. Also, making your own shakes and smoothies is very easy nowadays and all you have to do is get started and not expect a made-for-you solution that will cost you at least 3 times more than a homemade shake.

Other than that, I don’t like anything else about the company or its MLM program so keep on reading to find out why.

The Bad


It’s really hard to trust such products that promise so much and yet provide so little information. When it comes down to their “business opportunity” – Isagenix isn’t overpromising anything, but they’re still not giving up much information.

To even gain access to information, you’ll have to join. How silly is that, right?

Even though Isagenix doesn’t seem like a pyramid scheme, you will still have to pay to join, pay the monthly fee, purchase their products, and resell their products.

I’ve also noticed that there’s still an element of recruitment. Even though it’s not the main way how the program works – it’s still worrying to see this element tied into an MLM program. From my personal experience and knowledge – I’d say run right now!

Isagenix seems to be on a downward trend, its products are very expensive (just like any other products from an MLM company), only 1 out of 500 barely makes $40K a year, and it definitely seems like it’s on a path to becoming a pyramid scheme sometime in the future.

How Much Does Isagenix Program Cost?


Isagenix isn’t kind enough to let you know how much your “business opportunity” will cost you and yet they want to “help you out”.

Therefore, I’m here to help you find out the cost of becoming the Isagenix associate.

To join the Isagenix MLM program, you can expect a cost of about $30-$40 per year. However, there are also additional costs of product orders which can go anywhere from $100 to $1,100.

There’s also a monthly auto-ship feature that will supply you with enough products for a month and it will cost you $150 per month. However, this is optional.

Is Isagenix a Pyramid Scheme?

Isagenix isn’t a pyramid scheme as of now, but I’ve noticed that they’re starting to increasingly “push” recruitment upon its members.

Therefore, you never know when the program could take a turn and have many members focus on recruitment rather than the sale of products.

Even though Isagenix isn’t a pyramid scheme, do I recommend joining it? Hell no!

Why not?

It’s a bit suspicious, rewards aren’t worth the time and the investment, and you might end up building a business on a model that can change overnight, leaving you at square one.

What I Recommend Instead of Isagenix


I am not a big fan of multi-level marketing and no matter what the company is in question – this business model isn’t made to benefit its members. Instead, it’s made to benefit the company founders.


Because you have to pay to join the program and you completely rely on the program. Even if you manage to grab a bit of success for yourself, the program can change overnight – leaving you with most likely a failed business.

What I prefer instead of multi-level marketing is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing might seem to be a very similar option – but it operates differently. It’s free to join, there’s absolutely no recruitment, and the deal is pretty simple – you earn a commission (%) on every product you help sell.

Some of the biggest strengths of affiliate marketing are that you won’t have to rely on your family & friends to purchase the products and yet you can build your own website (your own online business) and use it to reach out to millions of internet users.

And that’s why you never saw an affiliate program being hit by a lawsuit. On top of that, you won’t have to pay to join the affiliate program, you won’t have to order any products, and you won’t be limited to only one company.

If that’s something that interests you, I highly recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate. It’s an educational platform that teaches how to create an online business by creating a website around a topic you’re very passionate about.

From there, it gives you the tools and teaches you how to write content, research keywords, reach organic traffic, and monetize your website in different ways (multiple streams of income).

Therefore, you won’t be tied to one affiliate program or one company, and yet you will have the ability to acquire organic for free and then create multiple streams of income by managing your website (which is going to be your own virtual real estate).


Is Isagenix a pyramid scheme? It’s definitely not a pyramid scheme – but that doesn’t mean you should go and become their associate.

Instead, there are many other ways to build your own online business without having to pay to become an associate or purchase their products to re-sell them.

The statistics don’t lie and the fact that only 1% of Isagenix associates make $40K a year says all about the program.

Did you ever try Isagenix products? What are your thoughts on its associate’s program?

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