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Is Countdown to Profits a Scam? You’ll Be Shocked!

If you’ve been trying to learn affiliate marketing, you might have come across Countdown to Profits. But what is this program and is Countdown to Profits a scam?

You’re here because you’re very cautious and you don’t want to get scammed. No one likes being scammed but. No one who is trying to learn something new and make money online doesn’t deserve to be scammed.

You’re in the right place because, in this post, you’ll learn everything there is about the Countdown to Profits program so you can make a decision.

I’ve been shocked by the information I’ve discovered – so keep on reading before you leap into the program!

Overview & Rankings


Name: Countdown to Profits

Training: 1.3 out of 5.0
Support: 1.0 out of 5.0
Benefits: 1.2 out of 5.0

Price: $97

My Overall Rating: 1.1 out of 5.0

What is Countdown to Profits?


Countdown to Profits is an educational program created by Richard Paul that’s promises you will be able to make thousands of dollars by following his technique in the training.

The funny thing about the whole program is that even I, an experienced affiliate marketer, wasn’t able to figure out what the offer is.

All you can learn about Countdown to Profits from the landing page is that you’ll be able to follow a method that will guarantee you thousands of dollars as long as you do the work. You will also get proper training, the right set of tools, and a payment processing tool that will help along the way.

But by searching through the terms of service of the Countdown to Profits program – I was able to learn that this program involves promotion & sale of digital products, creation of a website, or even creation of an eCommerce store.

However, one thing is clear from the program – you will be required to put a lot of effort into making this work as this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme or an autopilot business that you can set and forget about.

So from what we know so far – it’s a program that will teach you how to make money online by selling digital products.

The Good

Even though I don’t trust this program at all and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to join – there are a couple of things you might learn along the way.

This will include the creation of a website, setting up hosting, choosing a domain name, or even building out an eCommerce store.

Therefore, I think the only good side of this program might be the improvement of technical skills – but nothing else.

The Bad


I noticed so many bad things about this program that I had to write this review as soon as possible to let everyone know what it is all about.

First of all, it was really strange to me that you have no idea what you’re about to pay for yet you’re being lured by the possibilities of making thousands of dollars online. That should always be the first red flag for everyone.

Upon very light research, I was able to learn that Richard Paul – Countdown to Profits creator was associated with two other scams in the past. This is probably the right place to stop and look elsewhere for most of the people.

I’ve also noticed on many occasions that Countdown to Profits contradicts its own terms of service. For example, they say that they do not hype potential members and yet that seems to be the only thing they do, starting right from the landing page.

Also, they say that they do not offer a business opportunity and yet if you didn’t see their video – you should glance at it. A business opportunity is all they talk about!

But probably the most ridiculous thing anyone has ever done is to offer $500 to everyone who watches their 500-second video.

What do you think happens with this offer? Keep on reading to find out!

Is Countdown to Profits a scam? You tell me!

$500 to Watch the Video


Countdown to Profits offers $500 to everyone who watches their 500-second video. This is a dollar for every second of the video you watch.

If you tried watching the entire video – I’m sorry for you. But if you didn’t – here’s what happens.

Once you finish the 8-minute video, they say that you can claim $500 by paying for their program.

However, in the end, you’ll have to try out their sales program and you will have to make sales to claim $500. I guess that you will never see the mentioned $500.

This reminds me very well of the scene from a movie called Semi-Pro. There was an offer of $10.000 to anyone who can make the “impossible” shot across the basketball field. When one contestant was successful – the owner of the offer yells who the hell has $10.000?!

I believe that no one has ever received the $500 for watching the video or even after making the required sales.

How Much Does Countdown to Profits Cost?


There are 3 pricing plans:

  • Gold Member
  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Plus

Right from the start, you qualify as a Gold Member and you’ll be paying $97 to join the program. The Platinum Member program costs less than the Gold Member, but you’ll have to include your telephone number to “unlock” the “down sale”.

The Plus Platinum program can be unlocked only if you’re an existing Gold or Platinum member – and I believe that there’s an upsell even when you become a member.

Why I Think You Shouldn’t Join Countdown to Profits


You’re this far in the review that I believe you don’t need me to answer is Countdown to Profits a scam.

I believe that Countdown to Profits is a scam. It wouldn’t be the owner’s first scam and it looks like a program that promises way too much without any evidence of being able to deliver the results.

I’ve also noticed that there’s a possibility to get into a “Millionaire Mentor” program. Who wouldn’t want to be mentored by a millionaire, right? Don’t fall for this!

It seems that this program is only made to get your money, and even when they get your money – they’re trying to explore your financial situation with the help of various offers within the program to upsell you more expensive membership types, tools, or training.

This program is not worth $97 and I know that there are many other ways to learn how to start an online business that will make you profits in the long run.

Keep on reading to learn more about a better training platform!


Is Countdown to Profits a scam? It most likely is and I would recommend you to avoid it. However, this doesn’t mean you should give up on learning.

When I started learning about ways to start an online business, I was lucky enough not to come across many of these scams that are all over the internet today.

I found a great educational platform called Wealthy Affiliate and I am still a member to this day (3 years and counting).

It’s free to become a member and if you decide to upgrade your membership, it will only cost you $19 and yet you’ll get training, tools, and access to a community full of affiliate marketers.

The educational platform has been around for 15 years so I recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate!

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  1. Hi Dario,

    Earning $500 by watching the sales video? This sounds too good to be true, and it probably is. WIth your information shared in this review, I won’t go one step further to try it or even watch the video. I know that people chase shiny objects like this one when they want to make money online. But, they all give up in the end since the programs they purchased never deliver what they claim on the sales page. So, the first thing to do is to find legitimate platforms to build a real online business. Based on this, I think your recommendation worth a try.


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