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Inbox Blueprint Review – Might Not be Suitable for You

Email marketing has always been a strong way to build following, but also add another revenue stream to your business. Inbox Blueprint focuses on email marketing and creation of an online business based on email marketing.

In this Inbox Blueprint review, you’ll learn exactly what is the course about, whether it’s worth the price, how valuable it is – and what can you learn from it. Of course, I did my research so I’ll do my best to show best of both good and bad of the program.

Therefore, if you’re just now doing your research as you’re intrigued by the program – keep on reading as you have a lot to learn before making the decision!

Overview & Rankings

Name: Inbox Blueprint

Training: 3.6 out of 5.0
Support: 4.0 out of 5.0
Benefits: 3.5 out of 5.0

Price: $1,497

My Overall Rating: 3.7 out of 5.0

What is Inbox Blueprint?

Inbox Blueprint is a blueprint that claims to teach you how to build an online business using nothing but your email and a “secret” software.

But it gets better. You’ll be able to learn all of this in 20 minutes or less and they have a proof.

Are you buying it yet? Me neither.

One thing I could agree with Inbox Blueprint and it’s that email marketing is a very valuable asset to any online business.

The landing page is full of information, things that you’ll get included if you join today with thousands of dollar price tags next to these products. The intro video is just over an hour long and you’ll meet Anik Singal who is definitely charismatic, but he can go on and on about a topic which I find pretty overwhelming.

The training includes:

  • Blueprint system
  • Launchpad
  • Content Engine
  • Guided assignment based training
  • SendLane
  • 12-month limited support from coaches
  • 3 additional bonuses


Everything included in here has an estimated total value of almost $22,000.00, according to Inbox Blueprint.

Along with testimonials from previous students, examples of investment returns, in-detail process explanation, and a couple other strategies to justify the price of the blueprint.

If you believe everything on the landing page and you purchase the blueprint, the main part of training will be 8 modules:

  • Addiction Meter
  • The Bait
  • TYP Method
  • Email Machine
  • Emails and List Relationship
  • Payday Secrets
  • Easy Traffic
  • Unlimited Success


Even though it takes a lot more than just 20 minutes to go through everything – there’s still exectuion part missing so no, you won’t be able to start earning within 20 minutes or less as described.

The Good


There are quite many good things inside the blueprint that really teach how email marketing works, how it can be taken advantage of and how you can do that to create a successful online business.

The training is well-formatted and there are hours of material you will go through. Launchpad software is decent and it is very helpful, especially to beginners who aren’t tech-savvy.

Along with the training, there are also webinars that can help answer any questions you might have but also provide additional value to the course from experienced marketers.

Bonus content isn’t that bad either. Some of it is worthless – but some of it is really decent.

The Bad


What I don’t like the most is how the landing page overpromises everything this course isn’t. No, there’s no secret software and no you can’t do all of that in 20 minutes or less. Not really sure what they were on when they were designing their landing page.

If I didn’t knew better – I’d run away from the red flags in their header.

What I think is bad is the cost of the program. It’s just very high, considering that you will also have additional costs down the road.

While training is good, it’s fairly limited. I’ve noticed that the course doesn’t really go in-depth on how to take advantage of free traffic but really pushes you to invest money into paid traffic.

As a writer, I understand that copywriting is a must-have skill if you’re dealing with email marketing and especially if you’re making a business out of it. Unfortunately, the whole course with all addons and bonuses doesn’t include much about copywriting.

Forum has a great concept where members can hang out, have discussions, and ask or answer questions – but it’s just not as active as I would like it to be.

After all, I believe that Anik Singal is positioning himself as a guru that is mostly using his skills to try to sell you on all of his products rather than coming up with better training.

How Much Does Inbox Blueprint Cost?


Inbox Blueprint costs $1,497 (or 3 x $499). The estimated value of the course is almost $22,000 (estimated by the course creator).

While I think the course is decent – I don’t think it’s for everyone, and I don’t think it’s especially suitable beginners who are looking to slowly but steadily build an online business.

Is Inbox Blueprint Worth the Price?


When I see high prices such as these – I think of two things. Guru’s who promote “keyturn” courses that claim to help everyone make thousands of dollars overnight. And I also connect it to business seminars where “gurus” use high-pressure tactics to sell their products rather than providing value on the theme of the seminar.

Personally, I don’t think the Inbox Blueprint is worth the price and I think that’s one key thing you should take away from this Inbox Blueprint review.

While it’s decent – it is way overhyped and it surely overpromises things.

I think this might be a great course for an advanced digital marketer who has experience and is looking to get into email marketing.

Therefore, I don’t believe this is the type of training a beginner would be able to follow and catch up with. Also, considering the price tag and the additional investment required throughout the course – I think that many beginners would “burn” themselves and lose money rather than make money – as the blueprint promises.


Instead, I’m a big fan of affiliate marketing or blogging as these business models require very low investment up-front, have few to none costs down the road, and even though they take time to build – they’re sustainable.

When I started out, I came across an educational platform Wealthy Affiliate which has been around for 15 years and is free to join. It features training on how to create an online business by finding something you’re passionate about, creating a website, and getting it ranked to drive traffic and earn revenue through affiliate sales.

While it might seem simple – it’s a long-term proces that requires a lot of consistency and on-going work.

But the greatest thing about it is that Wealthy Affiliate provides training, but also tools such as hosting, and keyword research tool. It’s free to get started so no pressure if you don’t like the training – and if you decide to stick around and learn more, upgrading to Premium membership only costs $49/month (or $29/month if you go annually).

Click Here to Learn More About Wealthy Affiliate!


While Inbox Blueprint isn’t a scam, I believe that it’s not for everyone – and especially not for beginners. The landing page of the blueprint overpromises many major factors only to get you to purchase the product.

I hope that I was able to make this clear in this Inbox Blueprint review – so you should definitely think twice before joining!

But since you’ve been doing your research, I am sure that you will make the right decision.

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