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How to Stay Motivated and Persistent – Even When You Don’t See Results

Everyone talks about how cool and fun it is to run an online business. Working from a beach or a remote area while sipping your favorite cup of coffee, right?

Hearing this never gets old. Even though these are some of the benefits, let me ask you – who does actually work from a beach?

However, I find that people don’t speak about the disadvantages of running an online business. The truth is – it can get lonely.

Especially if you’re starting out, learning new skills, or working on your first project. At times, you might feel like you aren’t making any progress (even though you are).

I know it’s hard to stay motivated, persistent – even when you experience your first success online. The number of distractions is just unreal, and if you aren’t serious about getting down to do some work – you’ll find yourself procrastinating sooner than later.

Instead, reading this post will give you a clear insight into how to form healthy habits that will help you look at the bright side of everything and feel better about yourself and your business.

Benefits of Running an Online Busines


Running an online business definitely brings a lot of advantages and it’s something everyone wants to do.

Some of the best benefits are:

  • Having the chance to achieve financial freedom
  • Having the ability to work from anywhere
  • Having the ability to work at any time
  • Being able to choose who you want to work with
  • Diversifying the income and creating more than one income stream
  • Having no cap on the earnings you can make online

There are plenty of additional benefits – some you might not even think of before you experience them.

I love being able to create work for myself and having the potential to make money online, right from my laptop.

Since having the ability to work from a laptop, all you need is an internet connection – which allows you to work almost anywhere.

And one of my favorite benefits is being able to create your own schedule. As you could guess, I have eliminated the alarm clock – even though I should start working on waking up earlier.

But one of the biggest benefits is that you can have the ability to create as many streams of income as you are capable of running – and yet have no cap on the earnings you can make.

Even though you might not get paid for work you put in at first, you definitely have a higher chance of earning the “promotion” than someone who does an average 9-5 job.

But with such powerful benefits, there is also a downside which very few people talk about. Therefore, even though everyone can run an online business – it might not be a great fit for everyone.

Down Sides No One Talks About


Don’t get me wrong, running an online business is great, but it can get lonely – and that’s a feeling 90% of people experience whether they’re starting out or not.

I mean, it’s a lot easier to create an amazing picture of something in your head – especially when you see marketers who sell courses that show you how they work from a beach. However, 90% of the time – it’s just me in a room behind a laptop working on websites and writing content just like this.

Depending on the internet business model you decide to go with – in most cases, it takes a bit of time to see results and even earn your first dollar. This can be very discouraging, especially if you don’t have a long-term mindset.

This could lead to feeling insecure about the work you do, not being confident about a post you’ve written, or even it could end up with you compared to others – which is something you should never do.

However, there are plenty of ways to keep things interesting, find the strength and motivation you require either from within yourself or from others.

After all, running an online business is a privilege and even though it has a downside, it also provides far better benefits.

How to Stay Motivated and Persistent When You Don’t See Results


Not seeing results and doubting your process can be quite hard – but it all comes down to your mindset. Therefore, here are some of the small things that help you big time to get right on track and do better than before.

Take Small Steps

You can have big goals, and I think everyone should have big goals. However, how do you reach big goals? With small steps!

Therefore, having a list of small things to do on a daily basis will help in two ways. It will help you work towards your big goals, and it will also help you feel like you’re doing a lot of progress, even on a daily basis.

This will help eliminate the feeling of not doing enough, not doing plenty of work, or even eliminate setting an unrealistic schedule.

Create a Realistic Schedule


We’ve all seen “ideal” schedules where a person wakes up at 4 AM, gets their fitness doze, spends some time reading, works on their business, has a lunch, spends some time with their family, and then works some more on their business before going to bed early.

Even though that’s a great schedule to stay productive and stay right on track – it’s most of the time unrealistic. You can achieve such a schedule, but for how long until you burn yourself out?

The same thing applies to work. You want to set a realistic schedule of things you want to work on a daily basis.

Understand that even the smallest tasks take time and that you shouldn’t underestimate the time you spend working on something.

Network & Accountability Groups

Visit your local coffee shop – how many people spend time working on a laptop along with their cup of coffee?

Even though we’re all working alone on our laptops (which results in loneliness), we still have the ability to network.

Networking with others in the same industry can happen in person but it can also happen online, in communities such as Wealthy Affiliate.

Another great way to stay right on track is to find an accountability group that will include only a couple of people within the same industry who will then share their experience, results and to-do tasks on a weekly basis.

When you are determined to do something and you tell someone about it – you’ll keep yourself a bit more accountable for delivering what you’ve said you would do.

Even finding a mentor is a great idea – as you will learn from someone, have someone keep you accountable for things you have to do, and still have a feeling of working with someone else.

Have a Break and Enjoy Your Free Time



In order to recharge your batteries and feel fresh, motivated, and inspired when you open your laptop – it’s necessary to take a break when you’ve worked a lot and enjoy your free time.

Of course, there are days when you just don’t feel like working or being productive. It’s important to take your mind off your business at least once a day, enjoy something you love, and then go back to your business.

At this point, you’ll be full of energy and you’ll be motivated to do something productive.


I understand that in most cases, these tips are easier to say than do – but they really work. I have days when I feel full of energy, ready to do write a lot, market and network like crazy – yet on other days, I don’t even feel like I want to sit behind a laptop.

Sometimes you can just lack energy, and sometimes you will lack both inspiration and confidence. But if you follow these tips and at least do 3 or 4 of them – I believe you will easily get right on track, reduce the negativity of your thoughts, and even have better control of your own mind.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s all about the mindest – and once you get it right, you will feel unstoppable.


What do you do when you aren’t feeling confident? Do you just spend days in bed watching Netflix or you go out and do the hard work anyway?


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