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How to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate?

It’s not easy to find the right place to learn how to make money online. Why? Because there are too many people who make money off of people who are trying to learn how to make money online. But if you came across Wealthy Affiliate, did you ever wonder how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t exactly make you money, but it teaches you how to make money online – and even better yet, start an online business at a very minimal cost.

And in this post, I’ll tell you more about Wealthy Affiliate, how does it work, how you can make money by following its training – and most importantly, I’ll tell you how I got started with Wealthy Affiliate.

Keep on reading, because you’ll be able to find out whether Wealthy Affiliate is worth your time!

What is Wealthy Affiliate?


Wealthy Affiliate is an educational platform that, in my opinion, has one of the best training on affiliate marketing out there.

It’s a platform that takes advantage of affiliate marketing and teaches a way of building a steady online business from scratch around affiliate marketing.

It has two types of training and it’s free for everyone to join. There is a paid membership type as well, but anyone can be a free member for as long as they wish. However, free members have a limited number of features they can use within the platform, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Along with the training, Wealthy Affiliate has tools such as keyword research tool, website builder & hosting, affiliate programs, and technical support.

What I really like about Wealthy Affiliate is that the training is very well made as it’s a combination of text, images, and step-by-step videos.

After each training, you have tasks to complete, and you will never have to leave the platform as you will have needed tools to do everything you learn right within the platform.

I wrote an in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review, so if you’d like to learn more about the platform – I highly recommend you read it!

How To Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate?


The training process inside Wealthy Affiliate is simple and it guides you to make money the following way:

  • Find a niche (something you’re passionate about)
  • Create a website
  • Learn digital skills such as building a website, researching keywords, writing content
  • Rank your website and acquire free organic traffic
  • Join affiliate programs and monetize your website in different ways

What I like the most about training at Wealthy Affiliate is that you can apply it to anything you’re passionate or knowledgable about.

And as you will be creating your own website that will be your online business – you will create it from scratch and learn everything it takes to fully run it on your own.

The training takes between 3 to 6 months to finish, depending on your pace, but even when you finish the training – learning doesn’t stop.


There is live training that happens twice a week and there’s also another type of training.

So if you came here trying to learn how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate quickly overnight – I’m sorry to disappoint you!

The second type of training focuses more on the make-money-online niche which is suitable for experienced affiliate marketers that have a lot of knowledge and experiences to share and eventually teach others.


Often times, people think that this type of training is made only for people to promote Wealthy Affiliate, but that’s not true. The training guides experienced marketers to build quality content within the niche and the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate is suggested, but it isn’t required.

So do you need to promote Wealthy Affiliate only to make money?

No, that’s not how Wealthy Affiliate works or how the training within Wealthy Affiliate works.

But yes, just like the way almost any large company, even Amazon, has its own affiliate program – so does Wealthy Affiliate provides an affiliate program to its members.

How Soon Can You Expect to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scheme and they even advise you, if that’s what you want – you should stay away from the platform.


This platform teaches people how to take advantage of affiliate marketing and build an online business from scratch, and then grow it to eventually monetize it.

The process includes various digital marketing aspects, but it’s all included in the training. What I personally like about Wealthy Affiliate is that it makes online business creation very affordable.

When I was starting out, I didn’t have much money, and yet I relied on free Wealthy Affiliate hosting, free training, free keyword research tool, and I only purchased a domain name to make my website look a bit more professional.

So as long as you have the will and you’re dedicated to putting time and effort into it – you’ll have the chance to succeed. However, what you should understand is that this process takes quite a lot of time and no one can see success overnight – no matter how experienced they are.


Because ranking your website in search engines like Google in order to get organic exposure and free organic traffic takes time.

It takes at least 3 months to see some results, but by the 8th month – you’ll see some traffic and even earn the first dollar online.

Some people find this to be a lot of effort and work, but if you’re thinking long-term – this is definitely worth it since you can have a sustainable and well-established online business in just a couple of years.

If you compare this to building a brick & mortar business – starting an online business this way is 10 times easier and cheaper.

My Wealthy Affiliate Beginnings


When I started with Wealthy Affiliate, I followed the training every day and I experienced the first results in a couple of weeks when I got my website indexed in Google.

From there, it took another couple of weeks to see a couple of keywords ranking in Google, but mostly starting out at around 50-70 position.

Some keywords really progressed well as I continued to create helpful content and I even made the first dollar in the third month of starting my website.

This is the feeling I’ll never forget and even though it was only a dollar – it definitely proved to me that the process works and that this, in fact, could be a sustainable business online.

Later on, I created my second website as I wanted to double up the effort. However, somewhere along the way, I became impatient because I didn’t have an income stream and I needed one at least – but I was unable to even get a part-time job.

But here’s what I did.

I ended up selling these two sites. I couldn’t believe that people would actually buy them!

And then I started freelancing my skills. This helped me build an active online business relatively quickly, and recently, I got back into affiliate marketing again!

This time, I’m staying persistent and patient – so keep on checking the blog because I’ll be sharing my progress!


Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t promise anyone to get rich quick, and it doesn’t promise huge earnings or a fancy lifestyle.

It relies on affiliate marketing and it has one of the best training on how to take advantage of affiliate marketing to build a sustainable business online.

Considering that Wealthy Affiliate is free and that it’s very easy to get started – keep in mind one thing. You should arm yourself with patience, persistence, and motivation.

Everything else is provided within the platform! With such minimal investment requirements – you definitely have nothing to lose.

And if you could spend money and years on education that you might not be even using right now – I think that spending a year or two on an online business is at least something you can do to create a new income stream for yourself.

What do you like the most about Wealthy Affiliate? Are you still wondering how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

If you still have any questions, I highly recommend reading my in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review, but don’t hesitate to leave a question in the comments below and I’ll do my best to help you out!

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