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How to Make Good New Year’s Resolution

New Year is the best time to start fresh and set goals you would like to achieve. I truly believe it – but I also know that we’ve all been there.

We all know the feeling of breaking our own new year’s resolution only weeks within the New Year. After that, many even forget about the resolutions they’ve set for themselves.

But is this the way to be? Truth be told, I wasn’t the one to be most consistent in achieving my New Year’s resolution.

However, ever since a couple of years back – I’ve been really good at keeping up with my New Year’s resolutions.

What’s the secret, you might wonder? Consistency is the key but there’s no secret. It’s all about making good New Year resolutions.

In this post, I’ll show you how to make good New Year’s resolutions as this will increase the chance of achieving your goals!

Why are New Year Resolutions Important?


Personally, I think of New Year as a fresh start where you can relax, regroup, and restart whatever you’ve been working on – in a better way!

How you do anything is how you do anything. That’s how I like to remind myself that everything I do should be up to my personal standards. Otherwise, there’s no point in doing something.

Life gets in the way and we get busy (even distracted) – and that’s why I believe New Year’s resolutions can help.

They’re a great way to re-think our goals, rethink our actions, and to find a way to focus on our actions to meet goals we’ve been chasing for a long time.

That’s why most of New Year’s resolutions are long-term goals that take time and effort to achieve.

However, setting hard-to-achieve resolutions without smaller steps in-between can do more harm than good.

Staying consistent and sticking to one thing can be really hard – especially with everything else that goes on in our everyday lives.

New Year’s resolutions are a great way to re-focus and continue working towards something you’re passionate about while doing your best to change habits to become a better version of yourself.

However, setting long-term hard-to-achieve goals isn’t the right way to do it. Keep on reading to find out how to make good New Year’s resolutions!

How to Make Good New Year’s Resolutions


Everyone likes to dream big. Some say it’s the right way to go about things while others say that big dreams only become a distraction.

But here’s what I think. I think that dreaming big is important, but you should break down each one of your big goals into smaller goals.

You wouldn’t start a business without a business plan, right? The same applies to resolutions. Having a plan on how you will achieve your resolutions is as important.

Here’s how to make good new year’s resolutions!

1. Dream Big


As I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s important to think big. Big goals are that get us going and what everyone is after, right?

They’re great to give us motivation, fire us up to take action, and help us stay consistent and motivated way past the first couple of weeks in the New Year.

Business-wise, I like setting up bigger financial goals to achieve than the previous year. However, I find that a great resolution can be to get more clients, or even just to reach out to more potential clients.

2. Set Smaller Steps


Remember me saying that smaller steps are the right way to achieve your big New Year’s resolutions?

Smaller steps are going to act as a “business plan” that will help you achieve your big goals. When I set my business financial resolution – I always set smaller goals such as the number of clients I would like to acquire in a month, the number of orders I would like to complete, or even the number of pitches I would like to send out daily.

Knowing exactly what needs to be done daily to achieve my New Year’s resolution helps me stay on track and actually feels like I am working towards something. You can also think of it as great accountability.

This will also help you keep an eye on the progress and even fix mistakes that might happen along the way.

Truth be told – most New Year’s resolutions are not hard to achieve, but they require consistency and dedication. Everyone knows how to get fit but it’s the work that not everyone is willing to do to get fit. That’s exactly how New Year’s resolutions work.

3. Know Your Why


Setting resolutions is easy but sticking to them is hard as it’s an on-going process. Changes don’t happen overnight.

It’s really interesting how nothing changes in a day but if you look back a year – many things have changed.

Everyone has a reason behind their resolutions but it’s not enough to only know your reason – but you need to think deep and really know your why.

Why did you make your New Year’s resolution? Why would you like to achieve your goals? What do you hate the most about your current situation and how would change make a difference?

This is an important step that many people don’t do and yet I find it crucial to do before you continue. Why?

It’ll make the commitment a lot easier in the long run.

4. Commit Yourself


The work won’t do itself so when you know what your New Year’s resolution is, what your small goals are, and why you want to achieve what you’ve set for yourself – it’s the time to commit yourself.

Make yourself accountable and don’t let yourself or anyone around you down. Everyone will have tough times and situations but it’s all about enduring them.

Finding an accountability partner is a great idea so you can always reach out to someone when you’re feeling low on your journey.

Having like-minded people around you can make a huge difference!

5. Cherish Small Wins


You just don’t achieve your resolutions overnight and that’s why small goals are important. But as you stay consistent and take action towards achieving your goals – you mustn’t forget about small wins.

Cherish even the smallest wins as they’ll encourage you to keep moving forward until you fully achieve your goals.

This will help you stay motivated, know exactly how your progress is going, and stay consistent to reach that big goal.

6. Forget Perfection

Perfection sounds good but nothing in this world is perfect. Near perfection is possible, but it can really do more damage than good in the long run.

You should think about achieving that big goal rather than the actions you take to achieve it. Focus on achieving small goals and move forward.

Even the smallest step forward is progress and as long as you stay consistent – you’ll be closer to achieving your goal. Perfection doesn’t play a role in progress so you shouldn’t let it stray you away from the path to your goals.


Whether your New Year’s resolutions are personal or business-related – approaching them and making them a success follows the same process.

There are only 6 steps that will teach you how to make good New Year’s resolutions. Other than that – it’s all about staying committed and taking the action to achieve your resolutions.

What is your New Year’s resolution? How do you plan on achieving it?

Let me know your New Year’s resolution in the comments but don’t forget to let me know how you plan on achieving it as that’s an important part of setting the resolution!

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8 thoughts on “How to Make Good New Year’s Resolution

  1. Hey,

    This is such an inspirational post and there is no better year to make resolutions for than 2021. After the year we have just had in 2020, we need to do our best to make 2021 a better year. I have made my new year’s resolutions and I have put them into a plan so I don’t break my commitment from them.

    I hope lot of people come across your article and will take inspiration to make new year’s resolutions and make them commitments.

    I will keep you updated on how my plan is going. So far it is going well and I have been flexible with it which is great.

    Thank you for the inspiration and keep up the amazing work.

    All the best,


    1. Hey Tom,

      oh I agree. 2021 is definitely the best year to start making resolutions (if you didn’t do it previous years).

      It sounds like you’re all set and ready to achieve greatness in 2021. Stay consistent and don’t give up!

      I’d love to hear back from you so feel free to update me, no matter how small or big your achievements are!


  2. Hi, Good Article, this is good advice to keep your resolutions for the years, it’s not always easy to stay consistent and committed. You need good motivation but it’s possible. Thank you for sharing this great article, I enjoy reading it

    1. Hey Lyne,

      I agree with you. It’s definitely not easy to stay committed but there’s no better feeling than achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself.

      Good luck with your resolutions!


  3. Hi Dario,

    It’s good to know your tips to make our new years resolution, and people can follow your sharing to do better planning than the past few years. I love what you share: setting up small steps each day, each week, or maybe each month. Then, all of those small steps will become a huge achievement eventually. I also agree that people need to know their why to stick to the new year resolution. Otherwise, they quit after a few days…

    Thanks for sharing today. 🙂

    1. That’s exactly how this works, Matt! Small goals help with consistency and productivity and sooner than you think – you’ve achieved some great goals.

      Thanks for leaving a comment! Good luck with your resolutions!

  4. Forgetting perfection is very hard for me, but it’s something I’m working on for 2021. I’m typically a goal setter but this year I set affirmations instead of resolutions. I’m working on getting my mental health straight and in doing that, I know I’ll be successful towards achieving great things. In practicing my affirmations and better mental health, I’ve already seen improvement in my work life and progress with my website and we’re only on week two! I hope that you are successful in achieving your goals this year!

    1. I know how you feel Haley!

      That’s a great way to ensure you achieve the goals you’ve set. And you’ve already noticed an improvement which is great! Keep up the good work.

      Thanks for leaving a comment!

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