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How to Gain Followers on Pinterest (6 Steps)

When I created social media profiles for my online business – I immediately wanted to learn how to gain followers on Pinterest.


I knew that building a following on any social media platform takes a lot of work, dedication, fresh content, and time.

However, I immediately noticed some results with Pinterest. And this wasn’t the first time I’ve experienced my new social profile exploding and gaining followers unlike on any other platform!

Even though growing my Pinterest following is still a work in progress – I decided to share my method and technique on how to get followers on Pinterest.

Of course, most of these things are something you’ll know already – but if you do all of them correctly and you put effort into it, you could take your Pinterest to another level!

Pinterest Can Be a Holy Grail of Traffic


Some people don’t pay attention to Pinterest, but on the other hand, Pinterest is a holy grail of traffic for some digital marketers.

Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, and judging by the growth in members – it’s the second-largest social media platform.

As a digital marketer who mostly relies on search engines for traffic – social media is the second-best place to acquire some traffic from and diversify.

But as we all know, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. This doesn’t only apply to the income, but to traffic as well.

If there was no traffic to my sites – no one would even be able to read my content, right?

I know people who get half of their traffic from social media (mostly Pinterest), and some people even receive more traffic from social media than organically.

But not only you can receive traffic from Pinterest, but also backlinks to your site which also helps you drive more traffic.

But learning how to gain followers on Pinterest and how to grow your following on Pinterest is much more than just posting fresh content frequently.

Therefore, keep on reading down below as I’ll show you my process of posting on Pinterest and how I gain followers on Pinterest.

How to Gain Followers on Pinterest

1. Create Original Images


Pinterest is all about visual content and without creative, attractive, and original images – you will have a harder time increasing your Pinterest following.

People say that people on Pinterest are addicted to pinning “pin-worthy” images.

Since the first thing people will see when you post is an image – you have to put the effort that every one of your images is well optimized and is made to convert well.

This means that you should use the right image size to increase engagement, but also ensure that the image is attractive.

Think of things you usually pin to your boards. Why did you pin them and what attracted you to these images? The chances are that this will give you an answer to exactly what your images should contain.

I highly recommend going for 2:3 or 4:5 image format, don’t be afraid of using any effects that will enhance the colors, and ensure that you also add attractive text to the photo.

Most people won’t bother reading your description, and in order to secure a pin – you’d want to tell them exactly what your image and post are about with a catchy title right on the image.

2. Work on Your Copy Description


After the images, the second most important part of your Pinterest activity is the description of each one of your pins. But also, you shouldn’t ignore the description of your profile either.

A great copy definitely pays off right here. Therefore, you should tell people what your pin is about, but take things further by making your description:

  • Helpful
  • Engaging
  • Interesting
  • Actionable

Don’t write a generic description. Try telling a story,¬†engage your readers into your post, make it interesting, and don’t be afraid to suggest your Pinterest followers take action!

After all, that’s exactly why everyone on Pinterest is posting content, right?

3. The Right Time to Pin


If you’ve been around social media for a while – you’d know that there is always the right time to post something.

Well, believe it or not, this applies to Pinterest as well. To ensure your pins are seen by most people, you should pin at the right time.

According to Hubspot’s Pinterest time analysis – the best time to pin is Saturday morning. The worst time to pin is during working hours.

However, I like to take things further so I highly recommend you do a bit of research on your targeted audience before choosing the right time to post.

For example, the fashion and retail industry is the most active after 3 PM.

Pinterest has shared some great analytics which you can take to your advantage to find more information on your targeted audience.

But even when you find the right time to Pin – there’s still a couple more things you should do before you pin your post.

4. Use Keywords


Whatever you do online as a marketer – you will come across keywords. If you want your pins to be seen by your targeted audience – the best way to enable them to see your posts is to use keywords.

The great thing about keyword research is that there isn’t a specific tool for each platform. However, you can use any keyword research tool you’ve been using to find great keywords for Pinterest as well.

I use Jaaxy for almost all keywords I find, so I recommend checking it out.

But when you have keywords, you still need to know where to include them.

I highly recommend adding your keyword in the pin description, but also in the title if it’s possible. It’s also important to add relevant keywords to the main keyword too – but this will naturally come up, depending on your topic.

Using the Pinterest search bar to see what pins and images come up for your keywords is a great way to get an idea.

But of course, at the end of the day, for best efficiency, you should target keywords that people actually look for in Pinterest.

5. Join Pinterest Group Boards


If you’re looking to generate more traffic to your blog – Pinterest group boards are the right place to do that.

The group board is exactly what you’re thinking. It’s a board where everyone can pin their content. If a group board is extremely popular, has a lot of people, and it’s very active – you can quickly grow your following on Pinterest.

But of course, group boards aren’t a “special solution” for everyone who’s looking to gain free & quick traffic. You should still apply everything from this post to ensure your pins are worthy of the click and pin.

6. Follow People

What I like about Pinterest is that you will easily get more followers if you follow other people. This applies to almost every social platform, but I was able to get the best results using this technique on Pinterest.

I recommend following 5 to 10 people a day, and at the end of the month – you’ll notice a big difference in your following.

But of course, you don’t only want to increase the number of your followers, but you also want them to engage with your content.

Therefore, don’t only focus on the numbers, but think ahead and play the long game for the best results.

Should You Switch to Pinterest Business Account?


If you’ve been looking into Pinterest for some time now – you could notice that there’s also a business type of an account.

Most people debate if switching to a business account is worth the time and whether you will need the extra features or not.

I believe that you should switch to a business account from the start because this will give you access to Pinterest analytics.

In there, you will be able to access more information on how your account performs, such as your pins’ behavior.

Also, a business account is free¬†so it’s definitely a great decision you could make since it allows you access to more insights into your performance.


These are the most basic steps that will help you increase your Pinterest productivity, gain better exposure, get your pins seen by others – and eventually, drive more traffic to your website.

Of course, there are also many other things you could do such as running contests using your Pinterest account, comment on other pins, repin content from others, and more.

But if you’re just starting out with Pinterest and you’re looking to learn how to gain followers on Pinterest, and even ensure that they take action – this guide has pretty much everything you need to know about Pinterest.

However, Pinterest also has plenty of educational material which I highly recommend you to read as it can be useful to learn more about their most recent updates and changes.

What do you do to get more followers on Pinterest? What social media platform brings you the most traffic?

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