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How to Find Affiliate Programs and How to Join Them?

Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative type of business and if you’ve been reading my blog – you could notice that I find affiliate marketing to be the easiest way to build an online business. But one question remains – how to find affiliate programs?

Without affiliate programs, you can’t earn a commission, right?

There are thousands of affiliate programs and dozens of different ways to find them. So in this post, I’ll show you how to find ideal affiliate programs, but also how to join them and how to wisely choose them.

Keep on reading, because, by the end of the post, you’ll be ready to start looking for affiliate programs and even find programs you didn’t even think existed!

What are Affiliate Programs and How do They Work?


The affiliate program is a type of program that’s hosted by a company or a seller that allows affiliate marketers to join.

If you’re familiar with how affiliate marketing works – you’d understand that it wouldn’t work without affiliate programs.

I see affiliate programs as a win-win situation. Why?

Because sellers get help with theĀ promotion of their products and an eventual boost in sales – while affiliate marketers (people who promote products) are compensated in return for their help.

But how do affiliate programs actually work?

They’re very simple to understand. Every affiliate program is different, but all of them feature terms of service. I highly recommend reading the ToS (terms of service) as it will tell you a lot more about the affiliate program or some important information that might be written in the fine print.

As an affiliate marketer, there are rules you should follow – and the rules are set by the owner of the affiliate program.

Even some of the largest companies out there, such as Amazon, have their own affiliate program. However, they have the full right to change their rules, commission structure, and almost anything else that’s included in the affiliate program.

But for affiliate marketers – it’s fairly easy to be a part of the program. All you have to do is join, learn how the affiliate program works, learn what you can expect out of the program, and then get to work by using the tools provided by the affiliate program – such as links, banners, or ads.

Who Can Join Affiliate Programs?

You’re probably wondering why do I say that affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to start an online business at a very small cost, right?

The reason for this is simple. There are thousands of affiliate programs, and almost anyone can join these affiliate programs.

Of course, some affiliate programs have requirements such as a certain amount of traffic, aged site, or something similar.

But other than these requirements, about 85% of affiliate programs can be joined by beginners.

So as long as you have an audience, following, or have a plan on how you will acquire the traffic – you can build a very sustainable business with the help of affiliate marketing.

Most people don’t think that affiliate marketing can help you make a sustainable online business. Yet if that’s something you’re interested to do – I highly recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate. It is an educational platform that teaches everything there is to know about affiliate marketing, but also helps you create a site (your own online business) and use the tools provided to make a sustainable income online.

How to Find Affiliate Programs That Anyone Can Join?

Using Google

Would you believe me if I said that you can find affiliate programs using the Google search? Yes, it’s that simple!

All you have to do is write a certain topic and add “+ affiliate program” to find results.

Here’s an example: “fishing + affiliate programs”.


As you can see, this listed me one site that lists the most known affiliate programs in this niche. However, as I scroll down further, you can see all individual stores & sources that provide affiliate programs you can join.

From there, you can create your own list of affiliate programs, check out each one of them, and see which one would work out the best for your needs.


The great thing is that you can do this for any niche and all you have to do is replace “fishing” with any other niche or subject.

Using Affiliate Program Networks


If you’ve already browsed for affiliate programs, you might have come across affiliate program networks.

These networks are set in place to list hundreds, if not thousands of affiliate programs. It’s one of the greatest places for affiliate marketers to be.


Because, by creating one account at one of the affiliate program networks, you get to browse among thousands of affiliate programs. When you find one that you like – you can join it with one click.


Some of the most known affiliate program networks are:

  • Clickbank
  • CJ (ClickJunction)
  • ShareASale
  • Awin
  • Rakuten Marketing

Did you know that Walmart or Target have their own affiliate programs? Even though you might not be able to join them directly, you can find them at ShareASale and join them using your ShareASale account.

That’s just one of the reasons why it’s great to be a part of these networks as they feature affiliate programs that you might not be able to find individually.

You can search for these affiliate program networks, just like you would search for individual affiliate programs.

All you have to do is search for: affiliate program networks in Google.

Using Wealthy Affiliate


My favorite way of finding affiliate programs is using Wealthy Affiliate.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Wealthy Affiliate is an educational platform that teaches everything there is about affiliate marketing. However, they also help you create an online business by creating your own website with the purpose of being an affiliate marketer.

Among all of their helpful tools such as the keyword research tool or website hosting – they also feature affiliate programs.

Wealthy Affiliate is free to join and you can use their tool to find almost any affiliate program on the internet.

What I like the most about this tool is that it also helps you find high commission affiliate programs and you can also see the reviews of other affiliate marketers who’ve been a part of these affiliate programs.


Even if you have a great affiliate program in your mind – I highly recommend checking it within the Wealthy Affiliate platform so you can see how popular it is among other affiliate marketers and what do they have to say about it.

Not all affiliate programs are worth your time and this is an easy way to learn more about them rather than just relying on the information you can find on the program’s landing page.


Did you ever felt stuck because you didn’t know how to find affiliate programs? Now you know exactly how to find thousands of affiliate programs and how to choose them.

But do you need any additional help with affiliate marketing? I have written many posts covering almost everything there is about affiliate marketing on my blog so feel free to browse around!

However, if you’d love to learn by video – Wealthy Affiliate is the best educational platform there is when it comes down to the creation of online businesses around affiliate marketing.

Do you have any questions about affiliate marketing or affiliate programs?

Feel free to leave you questions in the comments down below and I’ll do my best to help you out!

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