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How to Create an Online Store with Shopify

If you’ve been thinking of moving your business to the internet or starting a new business from scratch online – you’re moving in the right direction.

Technology has been rapidly advancing over the last couple of decades and the internet followed up ever since the first day.

So if you heard a couple of things about Shopify or if you were wondering how to create an online store with Shopify, you’re in the right place.

Down below, I’ll tell you more about the online eCommerce business but also show you how to create your first online store right today – so keep on reading!

What is an Online Store?


The online store is exactly what it means – it’s a store that is based on the internet. But how do you run an online store?

It’s very simple. All you need is a website that can help you display your products, cover your branding needs, and process payments.

That’s everything you need – and once you start creating your own online store, these are the things you’ll easily deal with the help of Shopify.

But what is Shopify? If you’ve never heard of Shopify – keep on reading to learn more about the best platform you can use to start your own online store.

How Can Shopify Help You Start Your Own Online Store?


Shopify is a subscription platform that specializes in hosting & producing websites that include all features an online store needs.

Therefore, it didn’t take long before Shopify became the go-to platform to create your own online store in just minutes.

I wrote a full review on Shopify so I highly recommend you check it out – but long story short is that Shopify can help you design & build the store, install all features and add-ons your store would need to properly run, optimize it, and even market it further to get customers.

It’s one of the most popular platforms for creating an online store for a reason, and I think it’s fair to compare Shopify to WordPress. Even though these are two very different platforms – they’re very known for the thing they do the best.

So how to create an online store with Shopify, what do you need, and how much is it going to cost you? Keep on reading to find out but I promise you that you’ll be left surprised by the end of this post!

How to Create an Online Store with Shopify?

Shopify isn’t only the leading platform that allows you to create your online store – but it also works with the store owners and helps in any way possible to help you achieve success.

But I’m sure you’re excited to learn everything there is about Shopify and even start creating your store today so let’s get started.

Visit Shopify Website


Obviously, the first thing you have to do is visit the Shopify website. Whether you search for Shopify on Google or you visit it directly – you can’t miss it due to its online presence.

I’ll even leave a link here for you – Shopify.com.

Once you open the Shopify website, the next thing you have to do is click on the “Start Free Trial” button in the top right corner.

Don’t Worry About the Pricing Plans

As I’ve explained in my Shopify review article, the pricing plan is not something you should worry about. There are 3 different pricing plans, but what I like the most is that you can get a free 14-day trial.

This trial allows you to create your store, fully use and experience the Shopify platform, and then decide what pricing plan is the best for you after the first two weeks of use.

You won’t even have to give out your credit card details – so if you aren’t satisfied with Shopify during the trial – you won’t have to worry about continuing.

Fill in the Information


Once you choose to start with the 14-day trial – all you need to write in the form is:

  • Your email address
  • A password
  • A store name

After that, you’re taken to the 2-step website where Shopify helps learn more about you and your needs to offer you features that will fit your needs.


The second step is adding your address so you can get paid once your store starts making you money.

Shopify does this up-front because they want to have it ready in order to avoid complications or delays in the payment later on.

Your Store is Created


After you finish a 2-step process where you add some information – that is all you needed to do in order to create your own online store.

It’s that simple, right?

At this point, your store is live and it’s published. However, the work doesn’t stop here.

The next things you can work on (and are recommended by Shopify) are:

  • Finding products to sell (if you don’t have any)
  • Customizing your store theme
  • Adding domain name for your store
  • Learning more about product sourcing
  • Adding your own products to your store
  • Learn more about selling online with the help of Shopify Compass
  • Watch video-guided tutorials about Shopify

There are hundreds of different things you can modify, customize, or add to your online store – and even though your store might look pretty blank – it’s a great starting point.

What’s Next?


I recommend you to do your best to learn about Shopify, how to use it, how to make the best out of your store – and then start taking action.

You can learn one week and then get to work the second week or you can learn and implement as you go – it’s totally up to you.

Why is this important?

The last thing you want to do after creating your own online store is letting it sit and not taking the advantage of the free 14-day trial.

Even as a beginner, you can do a lot in the first 2 weeks and that’s exactly what you should do.

Also, once you create a very attractive store that’s ready to be marketed – you’ll be able to easily choose the pricing plan that will fit your needs.


I hope that learning how to create an online store with Shopify wasn’t hard at all. After all, it’s only a 3-step process that can be done in less than 5 minutes.

Even though it’s very easy to create your own online store – it will take you a lot more time to customize it, market it, get exposure, optimize the store, and eventually start earning revenue.

But I highly recommend you do your best within the first 2 weeks, see how your store comes up together, and keep moving forward.

As long as you keep improving and progressing with your store – the business plan you’re working on will pay off in the long run.

There will be many ups and downs (and a lot of optimizations) but it’ll be totally worth it in the long run. An online business can net three times more than a local store and that’s only one fact that should keep you going!

Did you ever try creating your first online store with the help of Shopify? What do you think about the platform?

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