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How to Choose Your Niche

You must have heard word niche hundreds of times, and yet you still might be clueless about its meaning, right? The niche shouldn’t intimidate you as it’s something anyone can understand with a proper explanation.

In this post, I won’t only teach you the proper definition of a niche, but I will show you how to choose a niche.

If you’ve done your research – you might have some ideas. However, if you’re totally clueless about what your niche might be, you should especially continue reading this post to find your own thing!

What is a Niche?

The true definition of a niche says that the niche is a small segment of a market. However, I like to call the niche an audience.

You can think of a niche as something that connects same-minded people, where they can learn more, find useful products, network, or even collaborate.

But what I like about niche is that everyone has their “own” niche. Everyone has different interests, knowledge, and passion for something.

Therefore, even if you think that you won’t be able to find your niche – read the complete post and let me know in the comments if you still feel the same way.

A niche can be something very broad such as a sport, let’s say, table tennis. But it can be something very narrow such as NBA basketball cards.

Everyone Has Their Own Niche


Sometimes it seems a lot easier to find someone else’s niche than your own – but that’s okay! This will still give you examples which you can use to find your own niche.

When I am thinking of a new niche I would like to get myself into, whether it’s through a blog, a niche site, or even a YouTube channel – these are the are three types of things I go through:

  • My previous work experience
  • What do I know
  • What am I passionate about

And if you tell me that you have no work experience or any sort of knowledge – and yet you still don’t even know what you like to do in your free time, guess what I would say?

I’d say that I still have a solution.

Some people might have a harder time coming up with their own niche. Even I did have a hard time when I was starting my first online business and that’s fine.

Even though it might take you a bit longer – you’ll never come to a dead end. Why?

Because you don’t need to be an expert in something to make it your niche. A niche can be something you know very little about and yet you’re still passionate to learn more.

So now when you know that you shouldn’t feel pressured – let me show you the simple process I recommend following to choose your niche.

How to Choose a Niche

As mentioned earlier – a true definition of a niche is a segment in the market. Any market out there, and any audience.

Therefore, forget about the niche for a second.

Think about yourself. The niche selection comes from you. Your own personality, likings, experiences, and knowledge.

That’s why I recommend you to create 3 separate lists:

  • List of previous experiences (jobs, internships, volunteering)
  • List of things you’re knowledgable about
  • List of things you’re passionate about (hobbies, sports…)

When you have all three lists filled – you will be:

  • Writing content within your niche
  • Communicating within your niche
  • Possibly promoting products within your niche
  • Helping people within your niche

No matter why you are choosing your own niche (whether it’s for a blog, niche site, or even a YouTube channel) – know one thing. There is no wrong niche.

However, your niche should be something you will love writing about, talking about, exchanging experiences, learning more, and even sharing advice or testing & recommending products.

If you need any additional help or you plan to choose a very specific niche for affiliate marketing or blogging – check out Kyle’s video from Wealthy Affiliate down below!


Research Your Niche

There is no wrong niche and you don’t need to be an expert in a niche in order to make it your own.

However, depending on the reason for choosing your own niche, once you find your own niche – you might want to do additional research to help you out in the long run.

Since the niche is a segment of a market Рyou will be doing market research that will tell you more about:

  • Authorities within your niche
  • Competitors within your niche
  • The audience within your niche
  • Products within your niche
  • Keywords available within your niche

Further Niche Research

Let’s say your niche is hair loss treatments – researching this specific niche with the help of a tool such as Jaaxy will tell you more about the monthly search volume for this niche, similar keywords, and even trending topics related to this niche.

Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate has a great video covering this with his Jaaxy keyword research tool – watch the video down below!


Researching Keywords

When you know your niche and you are aware of its audience – before you create a website and start creating content – you should research keywords within your niche.

These keywords will help you reach the specific audience who’s already looking for information, help, or products you might provide in your niche.

Think of this type of audience as same-minded people who are either temporarily looking for help within your niche, or they’re as passionate about your niche as you are.

Watch the video down below to find out how to find keywords within your niche – or you can read my post on how to do keyword research for free.


Researching Products

Whether you are looking to start a blog, start a niche site, get into affiliate marketing, or start your own YouTube channel – you’re most likely going to end up relying on the products.

Every niche will have quality products that can help solve problems or help people with all sorts of things. But there will be poorly made products that might not be able to provide any help at all.

Sooner than later, you might end up testing & reviewing products to provide extra value to your readers (who are most likely going to trust you over time).

You might already know a couple of products within your niche – but watch the video down below to find out how to really explore products within your niche.


You’re on the Right Path!


Now when you know your niche, you know your audience, and you’ve done your research – you’re one step closer to achieving your goals.

It’s highly possible you were choosing your niche to start an online business – and if that’s right, you’re on the right path. Financially Awaken is full of high-valuable posts that are free.

Here’s what your next steps might be:

  • Finding a suitable domain name (if you are creating your own website)
  • Create a website
  • Optimize your website (for search engines, known as SEO)
  • Start creating content (written, video, or graphics)
  • Work on your branding

I don’t know what your plan is right now – but I’d love to hear what your niche is and what your plans are in the comments below. I will do my best to provide my opinion, any advice I might have, or recommend you more resources that might be helpful to your niche.

But remember, even if you decide to create a blog – it can still be monetized and even turned into a full-time income source just like an affiliate marketing (niche site) can.


Thinking of the things you are passionate about, know about, or have learned once or twice about can be hard. But when was the last time you have done this?

Exactly. It’s all about taking the first step, no matter how frightening it might seem.

And if you have read this post (which might took you about 5-10 minutes), you would know by now how to choose a niche.

I bet it wasn’t that hard, was it? I’ve included related videos and linked out to my other posts that you might find useful.

However, if you still have any questions, if you would like to get my help, or at least would love to hear my opinion – feel free to leave a comment down below!

What are you most passionate about? What is your niche?

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  1. Hi Dario,

    What a good article about choosing a niche, I think you make it very clear and people can get the answers to their questions easily.

    I like the videos you attached for each specific paragraph, is the platform you are using at the moment? Will love to know more about it and maybe you have a FULL review soon?

    Cannot wait to read more from you, Matt

    1. Hi Matt,

      thanks for leaving your feedback, I really appreciate your good words! I’m glad I can help and that this post was helpful.

      Yes, the videos are a part of the educational platform Wealthy Affiliate – I even wrote a review called Inside Wealthy Affiliate – so feel free to check it out!

      I’ve learned most of the things I know right there and being able to teach others what I’ve learned in a couple of years is amazing yet there’s still plenty of stuff to learn!


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