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How Much Money Can You Make with Wealthy Affiliate?

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while – you’d notice that I’m a long-time member of Wealthy Affiliate. And immediately when people learn more about Wealthy Affiliate – I get asked one question. It’s how much money can you make with Wealthy Affiliate?

You might not know much about me or my blog – but you’re probably wondering the same thing.

If that’s a yes – you’re in a good place. Down below, I’ll tell you more about Wealthy Affiliate, affiliate marketing, and earning expectations.

I’ll also list down the earnings I’ve made with the help of Wealthy Affiliate, so keep on reading!

What is Wealthy Affiliate?


Wealthy Affiliate is an educational platform that teaches affiliate marketing, but it also teaches people how to create an online business with the help of a website and affiliate marketing.

They have two types of training:

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • Bootcamp training

And inside each training type, Wealthy Affiliate has a number of phases and lessons that feature written parts, images, and even step-by-step videos.


Wealthy Affiliate has been around for 15 years now and they’ve upgraded the platform a lot in the meantime.

Therefore, Wealthy Affiliate also features tools you can use while you follow the training. This way, you can implement everything you learn right within the platform.

I wrote an in-depth guide on Wealthy Affiliate (with video walk-through) – so feel free to check it out if you’re new to Wealthy Affiliate!

Now that you know more about Wealthy Affiliate, let me tell you a bit more about affiliate marketing and how people make money in commission with the help of affiliate marketing.

So How do People Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?


The chances are you’ve never heard about affiliate marketing. However, here’s a simple explanation of what affiliate marketing really is and how it works online.

Affiliate marketing is a business model where a company introduces an affiliate program that anyone can join.

As a member of any affiliate program – you help promote the company’s products in order to earn a commission for sales you help generate.

However, affiliate marketing isn’t MLM (multi-level marketing) and you shouldn’t confuse these two.

You can join as many affiliate programs as you wish and you can help promote companies or products you only believe in (and have used) which is a big advantage.

Once you have a following/audience (which you will gain once you create & grow your website), you will be able to earn passive income from the sales you help generate.

Even the largest company in the world Amazon has its own affiliate program.

It’s a legit business model and even Tesla (electric-car manufacturer) has one. I believe that it goes like this. If you are able to refer 50 customers to Tesla – you can get a special Tesla Roadster electric car. Many Youtubers achieved this and some have even able to get more than one car in return!

Affiliate marketing has been around for a couple of decades (even before the internet) and it’s one of the most efficient online business models.

So are you ready to find out how much money can you make with Wealthy Affiliate?!

How Much Money Can You Make with Wealthy Affiliate?

The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that there is no set amount of money you can make.

But it’s not all about how much money you can make – but it’s also about the way you can make money with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Follow the training, work on creating & growing your online business, and make money through affiliate commissions/ads/or any other monetization way
  • Refer people to Wealthy Affiliate and earn an affiliate commission

Earning Money Thorugh Affiliate Programs


Yes, just like almost any other company – Wealthy Affiliate has its affiliate program which is great!

And if you follow the training and implement everything you learn – you can make anywhere between $1 and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You didn’t expect such a broad range, right?

The truth is – it all depends on your business, how well it takes off, how much work you put into it – and from there, there are many more variables your income can depend on.

It can depend on the affiliate program you’re using, the number of traffic you’re getting, or even the location of your traffic in case you generate income by running ads on your website.

Age and establishment of your website also play a role so in the beginning, you might not make much – and in a year or two, you can make thousands of dollars (a year or a month).

Earning Money Through the Wealthy Affiliate Program


If you decide to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program – you can make up to $23,50 of monthly recurring income for each member you refer to Wealthy Affiliate.

I am a big fan of their affiliate program because they have great terms that offer a great opportunity to its members.

However, the fact that you can earn a recurring monthly income means that you can build a very sustainable business online with the help of just one affiliate program.

And when I compare the commission % to other affiliate programs in the industry – Wealthy Affiliate is pretty generous.

So for example – if you can refer 5 people a day to WA (total of about 150 members a month), and if 12% of them go Premium for 6 months, you can earn $2,308 a month for as long as they stay a member.

Even though this is a lucrative offer – I highly recommend you first go through the initial Wealthy Affiliate training (Online Entrepreneur Certification). If you only join WA to try hard-sell – you won’t get much luck.

However, if you learn more about affiliate marketing, create your own online business first, experience your own success, and then tell people about WA – you wouldn’t have to hard sell at all.

Remember, it’s all about recommending something you’ve tried, you’re using, or you strongly believe in!

We’re all looking to create a sustainable long-term business, right?

How Much Money Did I Make So Far With Wealthy Affiliate?


I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 3 years now (but wasn’t 100% active, it was more on and off thing).

And here’s what I did so far:

  • Built my first niche site and passed the initial training
  • Built my second niche site and followed the initial training again
  • Started earning a tiny bit of money from my first site
  • The second site started picking up so I ended up selling both sites!

From there, I got into freelancing my writing skills and ended up making an online income that way as well.

I now have two sites again and I still make money from the second site I’ve sold. The second site was just slowly picking up and I still decided to sell it.

Not only I made money on it, but I am still making money from affiliate sales (as it was a part of a deal).

So I am not 100% sure how much money I’ve made with Wealthy Affiliate so far – but it’s in thousands of dollars.

And if we count in the writing skill that I’ve learned and practiced at WA, and then went on to freelance it – I could say that I’ve made a 5-figure from Wealthy Affiliate so far.

Also remember, I’m still working on two sites and I’m now officially a part of the WA affiliate program too!

It only gets better from here, but looking back at the last 3 years (and my first 3 years of digital marketing and making income online) – I’m pretty happy with everything I was able to learn and take immediate action on to see results and create a successful online business.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Free to Join?


This is the second most common question I get – and the answer is yes! Wealthy Affiliate is free to join!

What I really like about the platform is that it’s very great at welcoming new members.

Therefore, instead of a trial – you get to actually be a long life starter member for as long as you wish to stay in the platform.

There is a Premium membership type for everyone who wants to learn more and access more information and tools within the platform.

However, Starter membership really gives a lot of opportunity and knowledge so I highly recommend starting as a free member and see where your journey takes you!


Affiliate marketing is a very solid business model and I think that there is no better educational platform than Wealthy Affiliate.

When you combine these two – you’re set to learn and take immediate action. From there, it’s all on you – and how much money can you make with Wealthy Affiliate will depend on how much work & time you put into it.

As a 3-year member of Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve seen people make anything from $10 a month to $10,000 a month!

Of course, the top figures take time – but investing a couple of years into a business that will potentially generate passive income in that income range is worth it, no doubt.

Are you a member of Wealthy Affiliate? Or are you planning to take action and join?

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below, share this post – or leave your feedback (or even earnings) on the Wealthy Affiliate platform!

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