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Global Affiliate Zone Review

If you were looking for training and tools to start an online business – chances are you’ve come across the Global Affiliate Zone.

Not only the company claims to help with training and tools – but they also claim to help you start your new life – whatever that means.

By scrolling through the landing page, you could notice they’re teaching affiliate marketing. And in this Global Affiliate Zone review – I’ll show you everything you need to know about the platform so you know exactly what to expect if you decide to join!

Overview & Rankings

Name: Global Affiliate Zone (now also known as Affiliate Institute)

Training: 3.9 out of 5.0
Support: 4.0 out of 5.0
Benefits: 4.0 out of 5.0

Price: $99/month

My Overall Rating: 3.9 out of 5.0

What is Global Affiliate Zone?


Global Affiliate Zone is a company that provides training in affiliate marketing but also provides tools needed to create your own online business.

They help people start building a career as a certified affiliate marketer with the help of access to trainers and leaders who are already driving billions of dollars in marketing sales.

They’re also known as Affiliate Institute which seems like that they changed the platform course from only providing training & tools to providing affiliate marketing certification.

While you can start for free without any pressure of upgrading to paid membership type – the Global Affiliate zone offers 3 different training types:

  • Ai Pro & Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Accelerator

Ai Pro & Level 1 is perfect for everyone who is just starting. It helps set up the game plan, get weekly training, get a certification, and have the access to the Pro community.

Level 2 is best for marketers who have a bit of experience yet are struggling, aren’t getting desired results, or need help with the growth of their online business. This course is all about optimization of your existing affiliate marketing business – which I think is clever.

The accelerator is a training that provides the fastest way to become an affiliate marketer. This type of training is more of a custom training where you get to work with professionals in a class environment as a part of a team. It provides more accountability, access to experts, and has a stop and start date of the training.

What Global Affiliate Zone works on is to provide a long-term game plan (which is always good), freedom to promote whatever you like, a team of experts (but no gurus), access to experienced affiliates, and competency & accountability.

So far so good, right? If you’re thinking of joining – keep on reading to learn both the good and the bad of the platform!

The Good


Global Affiliate Zone is now known as an Affiliate Institute and they’re all about the long-term game now with a laser-focus on affiliate marketing.

The training seems to be very decent and I really like that they have 3 different membership types that cater to different types of audiences while providing the same end goal.

Another great thing is that they seem to put a lot of effort into providing one-on-one or a grouped team help.

But one of the biggest benefits is the ability to try out the platform for free. I am a big fan of this approach as you won’t have any pressure on upgrading and yet you’ll get to see the initial training and tools first-hand. This just shows the transparency of the company.

While the company seems to be building out really well, I think you should keep on reading as below, I will discover something that doesn’t sit well with me.

The Bad


The main bad thing I’ve discovered has something to do with the re-branding. As you already know, Global Affiliate Zone is now the Affiliate Institute.

The previous version, the Global Affiliate Zone, has a very bad reputation. It seems like this company was an MLM company that was all about recruiting others into the program without providing any valuable training.

Of course, this left many people feeling scammed as they didn’t get any value out of the program, have spent their money in the program, and didn’t earn much money back.

Who profited the most while the company operated? The ones at the top!

Now as the Affiliate Institute, they seem to be doing a lot better job, but their history only makes me question the quality of the training provided.

On top of that, calling themselves an Institute and providing people with “certification” that is completely worthless is a bit of a red flag.

Global Affiliate Zone Pricing

It’s free to become a member of Global Affiliate Zone and you will have the opportunity to upgrade your membership.

If you upgrade your membership, Global Affiliate Zone will cost you $99 a month (no matter the training you go with).

Keep on reading as you’ll find a more affordable option at the end of this Global Affiliate Zone review!

Is Global Affiliate Zone Worth it?


Personally, I don’t think Global Affiliate Zone (Affiliate Institute) is worth it. Not only it comes with a bad reputation of being a re-born company but I am not a big fan of the pricing.

I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 3 years now and it only costs $49 a month. If you opt-in for an annual payment, it comes down to only $29/month.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for 15 years now and it’s an educational platform that provides affiliate marketing training, hosting, and tools needed to build your own online business.

They’re very transparent (it’s free to become a member and have 2 free sites), and they don’t offer any type of certification nor they claim to be an institute.

So I’d rather use the proven affiliate marketing training such as Wealthy Affiliate. I can pay 3 months of Wealthy Affiliate while only one month of Global Affiliate Zone and yet I’d still have some change left for coffee.

I should also mention that Wealthy Affiliate has millions of members and you will also have the access to founders and other trainers inside the platform, as well as the community.

Click Here for More Information About Wealthy Affiliate!


Global Affiliate Zone is now known as Affiliate Institution. I really like everything the company provides and what they stand for.

However, after doing a bit of digging and comparing everything they have to offer with the affiliate training platform I’m a member of – there is a huge difference.

High price doesn’t help either and if I had to choose between Affiliate Institute or Wealthy Affiliate – I’d choose Wealthy Affiliate even if it wasn’t way cheaper.

I hope that this Global Affiliate Zone review helped you learn everything you needed to know. If you’re on a tight budget – I hope I helped you discover another great company where you won’t have to think twice before joining!

Did you have experience with Global Affiliate Zone? Do you believe in Affiliate Institution?

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