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Elite Marketing Pro Review – Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

You’ll come across various training types, gurus, and educational platforms while trying to make money online or learning how to create your own online business. And in this Elite Marketing Pro review, you’ll find everything about the program that claims you can learn ways to create your own online business in only 10 days.

I’ll get deep inside the training to let you know everything you need to know before you even decide to join.

The landing page isn’t giving up a lot of information, but believe me – there is something important you need to acknowledge before you join so keep on reading!

Overview & Rankings

Name: Elite Marketing Pro

Training: 3.2 out of 5.0
Benefits: 2.1 out of 5.0
Support: 4.3 out of 5.0

Price: $47 and $147

My Overall Rating: 3.2 out of 5.0

Elite Marketing Pro Review


Elite Marketing Pro might have popped up in your browser as an ad since it looks like the owner of the Elite Marketing Pro is spending a lot of money on the ads.

However, once you click on the link and you’re taken to the official page, its landing page doesn’t reveal a lot of information.

In fact, the landing page of Elite Marketing Pro looks really outdated and I was even surprised that the owner is spending ad money to gain exposure to such a landing page.

However, by clicking on products, you’ll be able to find more about the Elite Marketing Pro.

Elite Marketing Pro is a company that provides two types of products:

  • Attraction Marketing Formula
  • Social Retail and Enrollment Blueprint

Along with these two products, Elite Marketing Pro features a blog full of free valuable articles, and they even take things offline by hosting events.

Attraction Marketing Formula


Attraction Marketing Formula is a program that will teach you how to:

  • Attract people into a network marketing business
  • Put an end to rejection and sponsor people with ease
  • Use email to automatically grow followers
  • Filter out people to find business opportunities
  • Create brand new streams of income

The total value of the program is estimated to be about $391 and it sells for only $47.

It looks like you will learn ways that will help you become a successful multi-level marketer as you will learn how to attract people in the networks, sponsor people, grow following, filter out people, and create more than one stream of income.

If you were really into multi-level marketing programs (I don’t recommend them and here’s why), this looks like a material that could help you not only learn sales but also how to take advantage of internet marketing to grow your presence and make more sales.

Social Retail and Enrollment Blueprint


Social Retail and Enrollment Blueprint is a very similar product to Attraction Marketing Formula and yet the main difference is that it focuses on video marketing.

With this program, you’ll learn:

  • A 4 step-by-step formula to find and attract ready-to-buy prospects
  • How to create a high-impact video for advertising
  • How to showcase your product
  • How to quickly build a following and create rock-solid rapport with them
  • How to use videos to rapidly grow your internet presence

Since video marketing is becoming increasingly popular and is a great substitute for content, video marketing can definitely help you sell products, find leads, and build a following online.

This program package is valued at around $1,000 and it only costs $147.

So what do you think about these programs so far in this Elite Marketing Pro review? Keep on reading to find both the good and the bad as I believe this will be crucial in making the right decision.

The Good

What I like the most about Elite Marketing Pro is that it features only two products and it clearly describes what you’ll learn using each product without overselling the program or claiming things that might not ever happen.

On top of that, Elite Marketing Pro also features a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee which is always great to see, especially when it comes down to marketing training products.

Training seems to be extensive and as you progress, you’ll get access to coaching that will definitely prove to be valuable in the long run (especially considering that Elite Marketing Pro doesn’t offer a community aspect to its training).

You can also use Elite Marketing Pro training to create multiple income streams (or diversify your income) by having the opportunity to promote Elite Marketing Pro in return for a commission.

On top of that, I was also surprised to see that Attraction Marketing Formula is full of success stories that seem legit.

The Bad


I think that the products are a bit overpriced and the value of these products is only estimated at this price to ensure that people don’t find the products to be expensive.

But that’s not the only issue as a one-time payment type of product.

The biggest issues are the upsells. They’re almost everywhere in the training. Not only this isn’t fair since you’ve paid for training already, but you’ll constantly have a feeling like you’re missing something which could lead you to spend up to $1,000 for all training material.

Another thing that Elite Marketing Pro doesn’t mention is that you’ll need a budget for ads. Starting off your own online business by gaining immediate exposure through paid ads doesn’t always work out. I am confident that building an online presence and slowly but steadily acquiring targeted organic exposure is a lot better for a new online business in the long run.

Lastly and most importantly, I believe that the training is a bit misleading. The description had me believe I will learn ways to driving traffic to my network marketing platforms, products, or programs I am already promoting.

Instead, they’ll teach you how to acquire prospects by misleading them yourself such as telling them you can teach them how to build their network marketing business without spending any money on ads or cold calling.

I am all about being transparent and not building relationships the right way from the start will hurt your business more than you know it in the long run.

This also got me to ask myself whether or not Elite Marketing Pro refunds their customers, or is it another false promise to get people to purchase their products?

According to BBB, Elite Marketing Pro has 7 complaints and most of them are related to not being able to get a refund.

Therefore, if you learn one thing from this Elite Marketing Pro review, I hope it’s that you shouldn’t trust everything you read on the product’s landing page!

How Much Does Elite Marketing Pro Cost?


Elite Marketing Pro features two products and here are the prices:

  • Attraction Marketing Formula – $47
  • Social Retail and Enrollment Blueprint – $147

However, keep in mind something I’ve mentioned earlier. There are many upsells and you could easily end up spending up to over $1,000 of dollars.

Is Elite Marketing Pro a Scam?


Elite Marketing Pro is not a scam. However, Elite Marketing Pro might not be as helpful as described or as others lead you to believe.

And trust me, you don’t want to learn how to attract leads by false promises. You don’t need a course that will teach you how to lie or overpromise on something you can’t deliver and that’s what I was trying to let you know in this Elite Marketing Pro review.

Even if Elite Marketing Pro was 100% transparent, would I recommend it? I wouldn’t!


I believe that a new online business without a product or service to offer doesn’t need to do any ads. Instead, they would need to build presence the organic way to truly build their following by providing value first.

Down below, you can find out a better way that will help you start your own online business from scratch and build it slowly but steadily in an organic way.

That’s the same way I started so I hope you’re excited as I am!

What I Recommend Instead


What I recommend instead is to value your time, value your hard-earned money, and learn affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a great “vehicle” that can be incorporated into any online business model and yet it’s best combined with an organic approach of creating your own website/blog.

Wealthy Affiliate is an educational platform with 15 years of experience teaching:

  • How to find something you’re passionate about
  • How to create a website around your topic of interest
  • How to write content that provides value
  • How to research keywords and target organic audience
  • How to optimize your website & content for search engines to acquire organic exposure & visitors
  • How to acquire rankings and monetize your website

This is a long and tough journey that will help you build an online business from scratch. This approach will require months of effort and time as building an online business the organic way takes a lot of time.

But the benefit is that you’ll have a steady and sustainable online business that has high growth potential.

Along with the training, Wealthy Affiliate also provides tools you’ll need along with the ways such as the website hosting & builder, keyword research tool, and most importantly – a supportive community full of digital marketers.

Lastly, Wealthy Affiliate is free to join so I recommend checking it out first-hand for free without even needing a credit card!

Click Here to Learn More About Wealthy Affiliate!


I hope this Elite Marketing Pro Review helped you learn exactly what these two products are all about.

Not knowing exactly what you’re about to do or even learn is definitely not a way to go. I am all about transparency and it’s definitely something that this program lacks.

Luckily, this is just one of many programs in the sea of training offers on the internet. And since you’re in the right place, I hope that you’re happy to learn more about affiliate marketing and building out your business via the organic approach.

What do you think about Elite Marketing Pro? Do you think a new business should go straight to paid promotion?

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