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Easy1Up Review – Is it Worth The Money?

Starting a business online has many benefits. And if you watched the intro video of Easy1Up – you would know that it takes time and a lot of money to start a brick&mortar business.

However, if you tried learning how to start a business online – you might have come across many offers that promise to teach you how to make thousands of dollars overnight.

Easy1Up promises to teach you the new ways of digital business and if the chances are high you’ve come across Easy1Up ads or a landing page.

If you’re doing more research on the program before you join, you’re in the right place! In this Easy1Up review, I will share my findings, my opinion, but also show both the good and bad of the program – so keep on reading!

Overview & Rankings

Name: Easy1Up

Training: 2.5 out of 5.0
Support: 2.0 out of 5.0
Benefits: 1.7 out of 5.0

Price: 6 Pricing Models (from $25 to $2,000)

My Overall Rating: 2.0 out of 5.0

What is Easy1Up?


Easy1Up is the platform that helps empower new entrepreneurs to learn and develop new strategies in the digital marketing era we live in.

They have 6 different courses that claim to be already making an impact on people all around the world. However, I have to admit that even after watching the initial video – I wasn’t really sure what am I going to learn inside the training. They mention they’ll be teaching about the “hottest” online business-building topics – but nothing more than that.

However, I understood that I would be learning skills that will help me promote Easy1Up products and help them make sales. Also, I learned a bit more about the system which is kind of difficult to get a hang of if you’re new to marketing as it’s not the standard system used by other affiliate programs in the industry.

In the intro video, you’ll learn more about Easy1Up packages and making money promoting them rather than learning the skills you’ll learn and tools you’ll have the access to.

You’ll become an Easy1Up affiliate and they’ll train you to help & sell their products. That’s fine, right?

But what’s really interesting is the technique they’re using. I never saw this before but here’s how it works:

  1. You earn 100% commission on the first sale
  2. Your second sale goes (100%) to the person above you in the program
  3. Every other sale after the second one goes to you (100% commission)

Easy1Up refers to it as the power of one. But there’s more.

When you make referrals and people purchase the products through your affiliate link – their every second sale will go back to you. And that’s how the system goes on.

This immediately rings red flags for me as this looks much like the pyramid schemes that are constantly getting banned in the multi-level marketing (MLM) industry.

After the video, I had a bit of an idea of what Easy1Up is but I needed a lot more information to know exactly what I’m getting into. And props to you for being here and doing your research before joining!

I looked up their “so how does Easy1Up really work” page – and I wasn’t able to learn more about the program there. All they do is explain the same thing from the video briefly and call it simple.

The whole landing page is full of “start now” and “learn more” buttons so it looks like you really have to join to get to know more and try out the program first-hand.

But of course, you’re being smart and doing your research – so let’s get on with the good and bad of the program!

Once I’ve joined the program, I had more insight into the training so keep on reading to save yourself some time!

The Good


Training promised in the packages look like you’ll be learning a whole lot. There are hundreds of hours of video training available and I think it’s a great starting point to get into digital marketing.

However, I am not sure how advanced the training is. But if you’re a beginner, you’ll learn a great number of things that will help you get started.

But will this be enough to help you promote products and recruit others? I don’t think so.

However, it’s going to be something that you can use as a starting point and then get more advanced training later on.

Other than that, I don’t think anything else is good regarding this program.


Keep on reading to find out!

The Bad


The biggest downside of the program is recruitment. It’s a big no and we have all seen the devastating impact of recruitment in multi-level marketing programs. It just creates pyramid schemes where only people at the top make huge profits while everyone below them struggles and even loses money.

These types of programs always come crashing down because they become unsustainable and the companies often get sued and closed down.

The second thing is the promises. Easy1Up is trying to make everyone believe how simple it is and if you join and use the material, you’ll be the guru salesman – but that’s not how it works.

You’ll most likely end up confused with the training material as there’s so much of it and it’s not very well organized.

Lastly, not only you will have to invest money to purchase the program but there are also additional costs you’ll have to take care of such as hosting, domain name, autoresponders, ads, Clickfunnels, and more.

I calculated that all of these additional costs can add up at least $300/month and the worst thing is they’re nowhere near being mentioned from the start!

Easy1Up Pricing


Easy1Up pricing is very well explained from the start and here are different program levels:

  • Elevation – $25
  • Elevation Elite – $100
  • Vertex – $250
  • Vertex Elite – $500
  • Vertex Pro – $1,000
  • Vertex Live – $2,000

Also, each one of the programs has an “administrative fee” which ranges from $5 to $500 – depending on the program you’ve selected to join.

Even though this is a one-time payment, keep in mind that there are additional on-going costs that will be required to apply everything you learn in the training. These costs can add up to $300/month.

Is Easy1Up Worth the Price?

While 6 different membership levels seem to fit different types of users – I still don’t think Easy1Up is worth the price.


It isn’t transparent, it is made for the sole promotion of the program, it uses a technique that reminds me of multi-level marketing scams, and I don’t think the program is sustainable since recruitment is involved.

Considering that there are additional monthly costs that aren’t mentioned up-front and that you can’t find much information before joining puts me off.

So is Easy1Up legit? It’s definitely legit. Training is there and the system is there. However, I don’t think it’s worth your money as there are better options that can help you actually build a sustainable business online.

In fact, if Easy1Up focused on helping you learn affiliate marketing and using the training and tools provided to promote any affiliate program online without any recruitment being involved – this would be the program I’d want to follow.

Better Option


And if that’s exactly what you’re looking for – I believe Wealthy Affiliate is the platform you’re looking for.

It’s a platform that has training on affiliate marketing with included tools you’ll need. The main point of the training is to teach you how to build a website on a topic you’re passionate about, research keywords, write quality content, drive traffic and make affiliate sales.

The platform has been around for 15 years, it’s free to become a member, and you won’t even need your credit card details to join! Yes, that’s right.

I’ve been a member for just over 3 years now and that’s the place where I learned about 80% of everything I know regarding affiliate marketing/digital marketing.

There are only 3 membership types and you can start for free (and be a member for free as long as you wish with the ability to build 2 websites for free), and there are no additional costs. Such a transparent business model with quality training/tools combined and a community that’s full of people like you or me is exactly what I consider a good deal.

Click Here to Learn More About Wealthy Affiliate!


I hope that this Easy1Up review helped you learn things you otherwise couldn’t learn before joining. If you’ve been wondering is Easy1Up legit – I hope you got the answer to that question too.

It’s not the worst platform I’ve come across, but I believe there’s plenty of room for improvement. Comparing this platform with a top-notch platform such as Wealthy Affiliate really shows that there are better options out there.

What were your first thoughts of Easy1Up? Do you still consider joining?

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