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Can You Really Make Money Blogging?

Every one loves consuming quality content – and blogs are just one way of getting your daily dose of entertainment. But the question is – can you really make money blogging?

You’ve most likely heard that bloggers make money writing content. Even if you didn’t, you must have wondered at some point – why would someone write such quality content and run such a beautiful blog if they aren’t getting anything in the return.

Sound about right?

In this post, I will tell you everything I know about blogging and even the secret behind making money as a blogger.

You might have seen ads. It didn’t take you long to realize that it’s the way bloggers make money. But there’s plenty of more ways to make money blogging than it meets the eye, so keep on reading!

What is Blogging?


What is blogging and how do you do it?

These are just some of the questions I get from people who are looking for an ideal online business model for their needs.

Anywhere you go and anything you read or watch – you could come across the term “blogging” or “blogger”.

Blogging might sound like something very fancy or even complicated & intimidating – but in reality, it’s just an online journal or diary.

Therefore, a blog is a site that posts content which is often created for a specific industry (or niche).

Blogging is just a way of creating & sharing valuable information that’s accessible by anyone who has access to the internet. But how do bloggers make money?

I know you’re here to find out so let’s get straight to it!

How Bloggers Make Money?


One of the most common and known ways to make money as a blogger is to show and sell ads that run on your blog.

Remember the last time you saw an ad on a blog? Every time you see an ad (no matter how annoying it might be), understand that it’s one way of monetization placed by a blogger.

However, there are plenty of ways to make money as a blogger, even though readers might not spot it as easily as ads.

Here are some of the most common monetization ways for blogs:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sell digital products
  • Sell memberships
  • Build credibility & expand to other social platforms that offer more potential
  • Sell merchandise

Bloggers have plenty of choices when it comes down to monetization – which is great. Why?

Because a blogger who owns one blog can have multiple streams of income, just from one blog. Have you heard of a saying – “don’t put all your eggs in one basket“?

That’s exactly why the blog is one of the best long-term online business models.

It’s no secret that bloggers can actually make money and can even choose how to make money from their blog.

No matter how slow the earnings might be in the beginning – all hard work definitely pays off in the end.

But yes, you can create money blogging – and that’s what you wanted to hear, right?

If your answer is yes – read the rest of the article to find out if you have what it takes to become a successful blogger – starting today!

What Does it Take to Be a Successful Blogger?


Have you heard of Mashable, Tech Crunch, Car Advice, and Venture Beat? These are some of the blogs that are making anywhere between $60,00 to $560,00 per month.

Yes, you’ve read it right – per month! So there is the answer to your question. Can you really make money blogging? Of course, you can!

But every one of these blogs had to start at the beginning – so what does it take to be a successful blogger? First of all, self-discipline and desire (combined with faith) are necessary.

Even though you will start with a blank site – use it as your canvas to craft something unique and special.

Therefore, here’s what it takes to be a successful blogger:

  • Consistency, desire, will, faith, and self-discipline
  • Creating valuable content
  • Being authentic & unique
  • Knowing your audience
  • Paying attention to user experience
  • Growing your email list
  • Creating a brand out of your blog (treat it as a business from the beginning)
  • Creating more than one income stream through your blog

Don’t get me wrong – creating a blog is definitely not the hardest part of the work. Especially when you can create your own blog in just 5 minutes using SiteRubix.

The hardest part is the consistency and motivation. While this might seem the easy part – it’s actually the hardest part.

Imagine yourself working on your blog for months without earning a single dollar from it. That can put even the strongest people off the path.

However, those who stick to it, improve their skills, and work on their blogs will achieve success.

As you can guess, blogging takes a lot of time & work.

But the way I see it – it’s the work you will love doing. And as long as you put in the work – you’ll create a successful blog, one way or another.

What’s the Difference Between a Blog and a Niche Site?


Even though both sites might look very similar – there is a bit of a difference between a blog and a niche site.

A niche site is mostly a site related to affiliate marketing where the main purpose is to provide value through content, acquire organic traffic, and promote products from brands & companies. In return, niche site owners receive a commission on the number of products they sell.

Niche sites are often crafted around a very narrow niche.

On the other hand, the blog often takes people on different paths as there is more than one direction. Blogs are mostly used to share expertise, gain professional recognition, and even attract new clients.

But you should know that both blogs and niche sites have a couple of things in common. Can you guess what is it? It is:

  • Sharing expertise
  • Multiple ways of monetization
  • Creation of valuable content

One of the biggest advantages of blogs is that they can be created around a pretty general topic. A blog can even be all about personal musings.

While the strategy behind niche sites is a bit more clear and straight to the point.


If you’re still wondering can you really make money blogging – the answer is clear as day. Yes, you can!

In fact, you can create a couple of different income streams from a single blog. And if you are really dedicated to starting your own blog – this post can even help you determine whether you have what it takes to be a successful blogger.

If you’re still wondering how to make money blogging from home – Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform & community that helps users find their passion, do their research, and create a site within minutes.

Therefore, it’s never been easier to start your own blog, but the question is – how badly do you want it?

Do you really want to take action and make a big change in your life?

If yes – feel free to check out SiteRubix to create your own blog within minutes and Wealthy Affiliate to learn everything there is to make a successful site.

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