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Can You Make Money with Freelance Writing?

There’s one thing everyone’s interested in before even thinking about starting to do something.

Can you guess this one thing?

Alright, I’ll tell you. It’s the old usual – can you make money with freelance writing?

Everyone appreciates their own effort, hard work, and hours they put into something. But when it comes down to freelance writing – can you really make good money doing it?

I’ve been a freelance writer for the past two and a half years, and to best honest, it’s an up and down road. But it’s also a straight forward road which means – as long as you keep working on your craft, you can get far ahead.

In this article, you’ll find out how easy (or hard) it is to get into freelance writing, who is it for – but also some important tips on how to start with a solid foundation to actually make good money by freelance writing.

How Hard is it To Get Into Freelance Writing?


If you’ve ever considered getting into freelance writing – you might have had some writing skills from previous education or work.

But what if you don’t have any writing skills and you don’t have a single idea on how freelancing works? How hard is it to get into freelance writing?

Many will think that this is something nearly impossible – when in fact, it’s very easy.

Easy? Yes, you’ve read it right.

Freelance writing is one of the easiest ways to start making any money online. Why?

Because almost everyone can write so you’re halfway there. Since it has a low-entry barrier, anyone can join.

And once you join and start writing more often – your writing will improve. If you take action and learn how to improve your writing – you could progress well in a very short period of time.

One thing that many people forget is that writing online isn’t the same as writing books, being a journalist, or writing for the newspaper.

Freelance writing online is a lot easier.

There are many different types of online content and many different niches – that you could simply choose your favorite type of content and write in a niche you know a lot about (or you’re passionate about).

All you need is a laptop, internet connection, a couple of samples – and you’re ready to go and look for your first client.

And remember, it only takes one client before you start seeing any money from your writing. Therefore, it’s fairly easy to get started.

It’s a bit harder to stay consistent though – so I wrote a blog post about the most common mistakes made by freelancers so you can prepare yourself for a good start.

I’ve even written a full guide on how to become a freelance writer online – so if you have no clue where to start, this is your starting point.

And now, let’s head to the most common question I get.

But How Much Money Can a Freelance Writer Make?


Not all freelance writers make the same amount of money. Why?

Because there are many different ways to approach freelance writing. There’s no right or wrong way – but it all depends on the type of writing you do and the niche you are in.

Truth to be told – not all industries are as wealthy. Some pay big numbers while others might not be able to pay as much.

And also, not all types of writing pay the same.

New freelance writers mostly start writing blog posts or SEO articles that can pay anywhere from $20 to $50 an article (500 words). This might seem a lot at first, but you’ll be able to specialize later on and increase your rates.

But if you specialize as a mortgage finance writer who writes for brands and large companies – there is a lot of money to be made.

It’s okay to start slow, improve, learn, and grow.

It might take you a couple of months to make $1000/month – but in the long run, you could be making anywhere between $3000 to $10.000 a month by freelance writing.

There are freelance writers who get paid a lot more as well – so it all depends on your skill level, expertise, and type of writing you’re doing – but also the type of clients you work with.

I know freelance writers who went on a path to start a content agency where they hired dozens of writers and are taking care of content writing needs of various digital agencies – in order to make $15.000-$25.000 in revenue a month.

So really, can you make money with freelance writing? You tell me!

The good thing about freelance writing is that you get to set your rates, determine how much you will work, and who you will work with.

Since there’s no cap on the earnings you can make – it’s up to you to set your rates accordingly in order to meet your financial goals.

Is Freelance Writing for Everyone?


Freelance writing isn’t for everyone.


It takes a lot of self-discipline, dedication, and motivation to become a successful freelance writer.

However, not everyone has the same goals. This means that some people might be looking at freelance writing only to supplement their income – while others are looking at it as a perfect way to make their full income online.

And that’s the great aspect of being a freelancer. You get to set your goals and determine your path with the actions you take.

Some people might make it their career – but others might use freelance writing as a stepping stone before starting a passive income online business – such as a niche site or a blog.

If you are in no rush to generate active income online – starting out with affiliate marketing is a great way to create a sustainable online business that will generate passive income in the long run.

Therefore, if you feel like freelance writing isn’t for you – there’s nothing you should worry about as there are many other online business models you use to achieve your financial freedom.


So can you make money with freelance writing for real?

Of course, you can.

All it takes is one client and you could be making money online starting today! It depends on how you approach it and where you take your freelancing journey – but freelancing definitely pays off in the long run.

I have written many articles on how to get started, what are the first steps you should take, but also what are some of the mistakes you should avoid when you’re starting out.

Therefore, feel free to browse around as all information on this blog is free!

Do you have any questions regarding freelance writing?

Feel free to leave your questions & comments down below, and I’ll do my best to answer them all!

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2 thoughts on “Can You Make Money with Freelance Writing?

  1. Are there any specific sites that are free to get started with freelance writing? Also, How do you get content together for a potential client to see if you’ve never written professionally before?

    1. Hey Juliet,

      thanks for leaving a comment, I appreciate it!

      You can join any of the freelancing platforms – but I don’t highly support these, especially in the beginnings.

      Instead, I recommend applying to freelance jobs using job boards such as the one from ProBlogger.com.

      You can choose your niche and write a couple of samples in a Word document, Google document, or on any of the platforms that allow you to create your writing portfolio for free – such Contently, or even Medium.

      Freelance writing doesn’t require a degree to get started and anyone can get started with it in one afternoon. If you feel like you don’t have enough expertise in any subject at all or you think your writing skills aren’t decent – you can still become a freelance writer.

      How come? You can start with simple SEO articles or blog posts and work your way from there.

      Also, don’t forget that you can use your previous work/life experience to write about it.

      I wrote a guide on how to become a freelancer online & the most common mistakes made by freelancers (to avoid them) – so feel free to check these articles for better guidance!

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